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Network Marketing Leaders Get More Reps & Leaders to Join YOUR Business


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If you are a Network Marketing Leader or Owner of a Network Marketing Company, you will want to see our Free Lead System Forever Program. Why? To get more reps and leaders to join YOUR business! Give them their OWN Free Lead System Forever to help them build theirs and your business. A no-brainer for ALL MLM leaders/owners. Contact Julie (914-522-6411) or Darryl (435-691-5225) for more information.

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Network Marketing Leaders Get More Reps & Leaders to Join YOUR Business

  1. 1. Network Marketing LeadersHow Can You Attract More Reps & Leaders to Your Business Opp?
  2. 2. Network Marketing LeadersWith Your Free Lead System Forever! Help Your Team Grow
  3. 3. The Foundation for Successfully Building ANY BusinessIs having a largerlist of contacts tointroduce to yourbusiness
  4. 4. Give Your Team a Free Lead System Forever To Build a Large List on Auto-Pilot
  5. 5. How?By Providing VALUE for Contact Information
  6. 6. What is the Value?
  7. 7. The SAME Free Lead System Forever Person Opts in to
  8. 8. Exchange Value For Contact Information
  9. 9. Give Away a FREE LeadSystem Forever to EVERY Rep Who Joins Your Company
  10. 10. To Help Them Generate Leads to Build Their Business Generate Quality FREE Leads
  11. 11. Exactly What IS Included inThe Free Lead System Forever?
  12. 12. Getting Started Area to Show FREE Members HOW to Use Their FREE System
  13. 13. Every Lead They Generate HasAccess to THEIR Info at the Top of Their Admin AreaGenerateQuality FREE Leads
  14. 14. Pre-Built Sales FunnelIncluded to Capture LeadsGenerateQuality FREE Leads
  15. 15. A FULL Contact ManagementArea Including Tools & Stats
  16. 16. Each Lead Automatically Gets18 Messages Spread Over Time Generate Quality FREE Leads
  17. 17. Each Message Positions Rep asan Expert at Building a Home-Based Business & Gives a Link to Their Business Generate Quality FREE Leads
  18. 18. An Account Area Including Company-Specific URL
  19. 19. A Generating Leads How-ToSection Generate Quality FREE Leads
  20. 20. Promotional Tools: TrafficGenerationOnline Generate Quality FREE Leads
  21. 21. Promotional Tools: TrafficGenerationOffline Generate Quality FREE Leads
  22. 22. Training and Support
  23. 23. Support Services
  24. 24. The FREE Lead System Forever Works!GenerateQuality FREE Leads
  25. 25. What is Included in the Premium Version?
  26. 26. Free Members Can Try OurPremium Version For 7 Days
  27. 27. Learn More About Our Upgraded/Premium Featuresby Clicking on the Image Below And Learn About Our Newest Powerful Sales Funnel Duplicator Feature
  28. 28. Those Who Choose to Upgrade, Can KEEP TheUpgraded Version FREE … With 3 Paying Referrals and Don’t Earn Affiliate Commissions
  29. 29. Why Do You Want to be aFree Lead System Forever (FLSF) Affiliate?
  30. 30. To Make YOUR Company STANDOUT From Your Competition AND…
  31. 31. Leaders Affiliate Position (FLSFAffiliate) Can Share Content WithPremium Members & Also Receive $5/Month/Paying MemberGet Your FLSF Affiliate by Clicking on the Image Below
  32. 32. Leader’s Senior Account ExecutivePosition (SAE) Can Share Content With Premium Members & Also Receive $10/Month/Paying MemberLearn More About The SAE Position by Clicking on the Image Below
  33. 33. This is the ONLY True System That Will Duplicate, Train, & Retain
  34. 34. As an FLSF Leader Affiliate,Earn $5/Month Per PayingUpgrade to INFINITEY to: Put back into your business Share the wealth with your reps
  35. 35. As a Senior Account Executive(SAE), You Earn $10/Month PerPaying Upgrade to INFINITEY to: Put back into your business Share the wealth with your reps
  36. 36. As a Senior AccountExecutive (SAE), You ALSOGet 50 FLSF Leader AffiliatePositions to Sell or GiveAway…
  37. 37. This is a Great Way toAttract Key Leaders as anExtra Incentive
  38. 38. As an FLSF Key AffiliateThemselves, THEY Can NowAlso Share Content, ANDTHEY Will Earn$5/Month/Paying Upgrade
  39. 39. This Will be YOUROWN CustomSystem. We WillWork With You toShow You How toEASILY Use theSystem to Help YourTeam Grow YourBusiness!
  40. 40. Want a Personal Tour? AllYou Have to do is Ask. Call usto Set Up Your Tour Today!Darryl Stewart & Julie | 914-522-6411 | 435-691-5225
  41. 41. Ready to Build Your NetworkMarketing Business? Call Us! Brought to you by:Darryl Stewart & Julie | 914-522-6411 | 435-691-5225