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Get Familiar With Your FREE Lead System Forever (FLSF) System


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We offer 2 different versions of our Lead Generation System called the "Free Lead System Forever". THe 1st version is Free Forever and includes a Sales Funnel to make it easy to generate a Massive Amount of Quality Leads on Auto Pilot.The second version called the "Premium Membership" includes a LOT more benefits. You can TRY the Premium Membership for 7 Days at NO Cost and then Easily Keep it Free Each Month when others under you become a paying member. See chart here for more information:

Discover How Our 'Free Lead System Forever' System Can Easily Generate Massive Amounts of FREE Leads on Auto Pilot. The way to generate FREE Leads for you is to introduce others in the Home Based Business Industry to sign up for their OWN Free Lead System Forever. The new person becomes a Quality Lead because that person meets 2 very key criteria as follows to make them a great prospect for your business.

1) They are already in a home based business (you don't need to convince them it makes sense to be involved in a home based business).

2) They are someone looking to grow their home based business (many unfortunately aren't, so the fact that they are signing up for their own Free Lead System Forever tells you they are looking to grow their business).

Explode Your Business With a Free Lead System

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Get Familiar With Your FREE Lead System Forever (FLSF) System

  1. 1. Step 1 – Your Own Domain NameLog in to your admin area. Put your mouse on “websites”, then putyour mouse on “domains/subdomains/email”, then select “buy” or“transfer” domain – whichever one you want to do.
  2. 2. Reminder: Your website is NO Charge every month in which youhave 3 paying referrals
  3. 3. Put your mouse on the "My Account"button in the Navigation Bar, and selectthe Refer “Refer 3 & free” option. Thenfollow the simple instructions for severaldifferent ways to refer others to gettheir own website.
  4. 4. Getting StartedLog in to your admin area. See “Quick Start Guide”
  5. 5. Go Through Each of the 5Steps in the Quick Start
  6. 6. Make Sure You HaveCompleted Your Account Info With your personal information that willautomatically appear on the bottom of all your pages inside your FLSF system
  7. 7. Once in the Admin Area, you will see a rowof buttons (we call the Navigation Bar)going across the page from left to rightsuch as: Getting Started, Capture Leads,Email/Voice/Test, Websites, PromotionalTools, Leads, Training, Account, Help, andLogout. These buttons help you navigate tothe many different areas of the AdminArea.
  8. 8. Getting Started - It will take you to the first page you see after youlog in to the Admin Area. There is a Quick Start Guide and other veryhelpful information so please review all of the Getting Started page.
  9. 9. Capture Leads - We have several different very unique ways toCapture Leads so put your mouse on the "Capture Leads" button andreview any Shared Lead Capture Pages, then Create Your Own LeadCapture Pages, our Floating Capture Forms and Floating CaptureForm Simulators.
  10. 10. Email/Voice/Text- We have Email Campaigns, Voice Campaigns,Automated Marketing Messages, Virtual Postcards, E-cards, and TextMessaging Capabilities. So put your mouse on Email/Voice/Text andsee what you can do with your system.
  11. 11. Websites - We allow you to have an unlimited number of web pagesat no extra charge (we host them all for you). You can select whichpages prospect will see for any website address and even create anunlimited number of website addresses (Sub-Domains) at NO charge.You will need to set up 1 domain so this is where you will find manygreat features such as where to buy Domain Names, Ad Tracking,selecting what page prospects see first, and much more! Put yourmouse on the Websites button.
  12. 12. Promotional Tools - This is where you will find many tools topromote your business both online as well as offline. You will want toput your mouse on the "Promote Your Business" button to view themany ways to get more people to view your websites.
  13. 13. Leads - Where you go to capture leads, access your contact manager,add contacts, set up cell phone notifications, and manage contacts,capture leads, & access your contact management tools
  14. 14. Contact Management Tools
  15. 15. Training Area - This is where you go to get trained. We will providetraining and marketing material from Top Industry Experts and TopMarketers. Topics include sales, marketing, personal developmentand of course Network Marketing!
  16. 16. My Account - This is where you can update your account and billinginformation, check on the status of your referrals (so you never needto pay for your website again), preview your billing history, changeyour username and password, and unsubscribe your account.
  17. 17. Help - This is where you can send e-mails to our Customer SupportDepartment for Billing, Technical Support, or even suggestions. Youcan also find answers to Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ). The FAQsection has a powerful search tool that we strongly suggest you useso you can get immediate answers to your questions.If you ever have a challenge logging in to your administrative area,send an email to (write thisemail address down and save it somewhere). Please only use thisemail address if you cant log in to the Admin Area as we log andtrack every email that is sent from the Help page to Tech Support sowe can get you better and quicker responses.
  18. 18. Now that youknow what you have, let’s start using it!
  19. 19. Don’t have a FREE Lead System Forever?No problem, get yours today by clicking on the image below OR GETBACK WITH THE PERSON WHO SENT YOU HERE AND GET THEIR LINK!