Julie Nelsen Updated Inteior Design Portfolio


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Julie Nelsen's interior design portfolio shows her commercial and residential work. Includes floor plans, photos of remodels, Revit plans, 3D renderings and recommendations from her internships. interior design, Minnesota, Revit, loft, boutique hotel, rendering, profile, Brewhouse Inn and Suites, 3D modeling,

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Julie Nelsen Updated Inteior Design Portfolio

  2. 2. Brewhouse Inn and Suites, Milwaukee, WI JULIE NELSEN During my internship with Landmark, A Boelter Company, we managed the interior design of the Brewhouse Inn and Suites. This was a conversion of the previous Pabst Brewery location that was shut down in 2007. The 90-room boutique hotel opened in May 2013. Brewhouse Exterior Common Area with polished kettles and stained glass window Lounge Area Off the LobbyQuite Space Off the Lobby
  3. 3. Brewhouse Inn and Suites, Milwaukee, WI JULIE NELSEN The Brewhouse Inn and Suites loosely followed a “Steamboat Punk” design aesthetic. It was to be a little bit historic and a little bit Rock and Roll while still meeting budget and being highly durable and functional. Breakfast Bar Barron Two Room Suites Standard Suites
  4. 4. Jackson’s Blue Ribbon Pub Milwaukee, WI JULIE NELSEN More photos at: https://www.facebook.com/BrewhouseInnSuites/photos_stream Outdoor Beer Garden Interior Branding Bar and Seating The Brewhouse Inn and Suites has its own bar, Jackson’s Blue Ribbon Pub which we also designed.
  5. 5. JULIE NELSEN Design Board Black Bear Crossing Cafe This design board was created for Landmark/Boelter for a proposal for Black Bear Crossing Café on Lake Como in St. Paul, MN. A few modifications were made for the final project, but Landmark/Boelter earned the business from the meeting where the board was presented. Project is not yet completed. Black Bear Crossing at Como Lake in St. Paul, MN
  6. 6. Scheurmeir Lofts St. Paul, MN JULIE NELSEN Updated this foreclosed property to show off its historic charm. This Loft condo rented in less than 2 days on the market.
  7. 7. Scheurmeir Lofts St. Paul, MN JULIE NELSEN A second property in a downtown historic loft comes back to life after a foreclosure.
  8. 8. Revit Floor Plans JULIE NELSEN Created Floor Plans and ID Sheets of project in Revit
  9. 9. Revit Elevations JULIE NELSEN Created Elevations of the of the Bar/Restaurant project in Revit
  10. 10. Revit Bar/Restaurant 3D Renderings JULIE NELSEN Created 3D Renderings of project in Revit
  11. 11. JULIE NELSEN Revit Floor Plans Floor plans for a standard and upgraded and ADA compliant suite in a boutique hotel . ADA Compliant Baron Suite Standard Hotel Suite
  12. 12. Hand Drafted Existing Floor Plan JULIE NELSEN In my Sustainable Design class, we “remodeled” an existing home with the intent of meeting MN Greenstar Certification. This is a copy of the hand- drafted Existing Floor Plan
  13. 13. Sustainable Kitchen New Construction Floor Plan In addition to creating a new functional kitchen layout, I used products with green attributes to meet MN Greenstar Certification standards. Kitchen Counter Tops Reclaim ed Wood Bar Stools Low VOC Paint Locally made, FSC Certified Wood Cabinets Recessed LED lighting Locally made, recycled glass and concrete countertops JULIE NELSEN
  14. 14. Sustainable Powder Room Floor Plan and Selections JULIE NELSEN Powder Room in this remodeled Sustainable home included a gray- water toilet/sink and reclaimed teak wall tiles. Gray-water Toilet/Sink Repurposed Midcentury Modern Rosewood Mirror Low VOC PaintReclaimed Teak Wall Tile “Thin” Porcelain Tile made with recycled materials
  15. 15. JULIE NELSEN To create a more functional space in this Sustainable home, I created a separate shower and tub area. I used reclaimed sinks and tub, but new faucets and toilet to reduce water usage. The space will allow for aging in place for this couple in their mid-50s with a “roll-in” shower that is wheel chair accessible if necessary. Owner’s Remodeled Bathroom Floor Plan Elevation
  16. 16. JULIE NELSEN Remodel Scottsdale, AZ Added a lot of color to this Scottsdale remodel. Colorful tile from local craftsman and a bit of whimsy in the stained concrete bathroom floor. Owner’s Suite Bathroom Kitchen and dining area
  17. 17. JULIE NELSEN Loft Condo project with new construction plans, electrical plans, lighting plans with a Lutron system an d the furniture plan. Furniture Plan, Loft Condo Loft Condo: New Construction, Electrical and Lighting, and Furniture Plans
  18. 18. JULIE NELSEN Kitchen elevation with detailed tile wall. Loft Condo: Kitchen Elevation
  19. 19. JULIE NELSEN Asana Yoga Store and Studio, a mixed use property with first floor retail space, second floor yoga studio and third floor residence. First Floor, Asana Yoga Store Asana Yoga Store and Studio Rendered Furniture Plans Second Floor, Asana Yoga Studio Third Floor, Owner’s Residence
  20. 20. JULIE NELSEN Asana Yoga ‘s first floor elevation shows the front window including mannequins and a round clothing display rack. The second floor elevation shows the entrances to one of the yoga studios, benches for removing shoes and the building elevator. First Floor, Asana Yoga Store Elevation Asana Yoga Store and Studio Lobby Elevations Second Floor Yoga Studio Lobby Elevation
  21. 21. JULIE NELSEN Asana Loft Residence dimensional rendering. Asana Third Floor Residence Dimensional Rendering
  22. 22. JULIE NELSEN Added a lot of color to this Scottsdale remodel. Colorful tile from local craftsman and a bit of whimsy in the stained concrete bathroom floor. Rendering
  23. 23. JULIE NELSEN Recommendation
  24. 24. JULIE NELSEN Recommendation
  25. 25. JULIE NELSEN 651-895-4448 julie@liveloveanddesign.com JN