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engineering portfolio


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engineering portfolio

  1. 1. 2015 Portfolio Julie Meyerson BS Mechanical Engineering Purdue University Graduating May 2016 Global Engineering (GEARE) and Global Studies Minors Entrepreneurship Certificate 1 (408) 431-9674
  2. 2. My GEARE Adventures Julie Meyerson Mechanical Engineering 2015 Cohort Abstract Joining the GEARE Program was the best decision I have made at Purdue. Since middle school I knew I wanted to study abroad, and GEARE allowed me to take this to a whole new level. Not only did I get to study in Spain for a full semester, but I got to work a summer engineering internship in Germany and participate in a Global Design Team in Cameroon. I also used my previous Spanish credits and a culture class to obtain a Global Engineering Minor. GEARE allowed me to gain valuable work and technical experience with a global emphasis. These experiences pushed me past my comfort zone and forced me to think critically about the world around me and the life I want to lead. Spain Germany Cameroon Lasting ImpactsDomestic Internship Special Thanks to • Studied spring semester abroad in Madrid • Lived in the city center • Worked on technical projects with Spanish students • Weekly meetings with “culture buddies” • Traveled all around Europe • Worked in for Molex in Walldorf, Baden- Württemberg • Lived in Heidelberg • Intern Inside Sales Engineer • Answered customer questions and fielded potential leads • Explored Germany and nearby countries • Participated in PUP (Purdue Utility Platform) Global Design Team • Work to create hauling vehicles for farming and general transportation • Will travel to Africa for a month • Upcoming senior design project will design and build rural ambulance attachments for motorcycles • Designing improved maize grinder • Molex headquarters in Lisle, Illinois near Chicago • Sales and Marketing Intern • Researched potential markets • Networked to find international possibilities • Met amazing people from all over Europe and the world • Learned that I want to continue to live an international life • Improved Spanish and picked up some German • Molex, particularly Graham Brock, Doreen Cwik, Onintza OtamendiIza, and Henry Fuerniss • OPP Office, particularly Joe Tort, Eckhard Groll, and Tina Alsup • Study abroad coordinators and UC3M staff … 1 (408) 431-9674
  3. 3. Business
  4. 4. Engineering  Designed and optimized tool to ease assembly of thin wires into leads for implantable neurostimulators  Developed process for making the tool in house  Tool sped up production and reduced amount of failed products  Created binders to show investors products and formally trained assemblers and boss fabrication process 1 (408) 431-9674
  5. 5. Technical Sales  Designed technical solutions for customers products  Lead target customer research that led to a $34 million  Answered technical customer questions through email and telephone  Participated in customer sales calls  Worked second summer in Germany 1 (408) 431-9674
  6. 6. Manufacturing  Six Sigma Yellow Belt Trained  Ran trial runs incorporating new materials into next generation products  Designed mechanisms for distributing materials in the assembly line  Created and facilitated product validation experiments  Experience with climate-controlled and ESD protection environments
  7. 7. Entrepreneurship  Earned Purdue Entrepreneurship Certificate  Created business plan for compact metal 3D printer using select laser sintering (SLS)  Developed idea for improved travel coordination between friends  Participated in Startup Weekends and technology competition 1 (408) 431-9674
  8. 8. Design Projects
  9. 9. Heat and Mass Transfer Lab  Performed formal experiment to determine if pausing during Fused Deposition Modeling (FDM) printing negatively affected print quality  Calculated theoretical values for cooling rates  Confirmed hypothesis  Presented findings verbally and in writing to professor and peers 1 (408) 431-9674
  10. 10. Machine Design  Designed gears, bearings, shafts and housing to optimize reliability, weight, price, and ease of assembly  Created computer programs to analyze varying forces on a shock absorption system  Developed a torpedo loading apparatus  Wrote Matlab code to predict motion of complex linkage systems 1 (408) 431-9674
  11. 11. Robot Projects  Developed Lego robot to transport 6” cube around track to simulate warehouse retrieval robots  Created custom part with Stereolithographic (SLA) printer to provide better support for motors next to box cavity  Built different Lego robot to move at 0.3 ft/s without the use of any wheels or rolling devices 1 (408) 431-9674
  12. 12. Water Filter  Designed an improved personal water filter aimed at post-disaster situations  Followed formal design process to brainstorm solutions, evaluate important features, and make design decisions  Presented findings to industry experts and peers  Built prototype of design with 3D printers 1 (408) 431-9674
  13. 13. Volunteering for Autism  Lead design of interactive tree house for Camp Riley, a summer camp for children with disabilities  Developed and produced finger guides to aid people with fine motor difficulties interact with technology  Designed and 3D printed replacement game pieces for Special Education classrooms 1 (408) 431-9674
  14. 14. For fun
  15. 15. 3D Printing  Works in the Mechanical Engineering 3D print lab, teaching students and faculty printer use and repairing any malfunctions  Original member of Purdue’s 3D printing club  Often designed parts in Solidworks or Inventor  Built my own 3D printer
  16. 16. Maker World  Attended multiple Maker Faires all around the country  Secretary for the Purdue Maker club, where we teach skills such as laser cutting, 3D printing, and wearable technology  Hackathon participant and volunteer 1 (408) 431-9674
  17. 17. Society of Women Engineers  Voted “Most Valuable Chair” for position as Social Chair, where I lead membership engagement activities.  First “Member of the Week” for fall 2015  3-time intramural hockey champion  SWEetie Sidekick Superhero, where I mentor freshmen engineers 1 (408) 431-9674
  18. 18. Mountain Biking  Purdue Outing Club Mountain Biking Consultant where I taught students how to mountain bike  Helped develop the logistics behind a bikes share program on campus  Worked as a sales associate in a bicycle store 1 (408) 431-9674
  19. 19. Traveling  Studied an engineering semester abroad in Madrid  Shorter term-study abroad programs to Russia and Taiwan  Volunteers to speak English with international students  Enjoy traveling all around the world