Learning WordPress Sucks


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Talk given at the Minneapolis WordUp on 12 October 2013

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  • Learning WordPress SucksHave you been using WordPress long enough that you want to look under the hood? Make some tweaks? Own your site like a boss?Good luck!While there are a ton of resources out there that provide tutorials, examples, and other great information, wading through it all can be like a space battle. They come at you from all directions, each with it's own path, and each gunning for you (and perhaps your money).In this talk, I'll share a selection of resources that are available. And I'll suggest a plan to maximize your results and minimize your running around in circles. Because the best strategy in a space battle is to stay on target!This session is intended for those WordPress users without formal developer education but are curious about development and not afraid of code. Or something like that. :-)P.S. for the organizers… I'm not going to endorse any specific training or vendor. I would like to share my experience with the one's I've used though.
  • adding blog posts on someone else's websitedeciding you should have your own blogsetting up a WordPress.com sitequickly getting frustrated with the limitations of WordPress.comsetting up your own WordPress.org siteswapping out themesinstalling plugins
  • Code – ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!(find a gif with the Wilhelm scream)
  • Picky aren’t you?
  • The codex
  • Well, okay, I confess. I'm not a coder either. I'm a wannbe coder.
  • Amalgamator
  • http://chrislema.com/wordpress-ninja-1400-days/I’m on day 257 myself
  • Law of the harvest
  • Learning WordPress Sucks

    1. 1. Is this you?
    2. 2. Do what?
    3. 3. You're not a coder
    4. 4. You need to know HTML DNS CSS Git JavaScript Local install PHP Deployment JSON Photoshop AJAX ALL THE THINGS! JQuery
    5. 5. OK. Here's the plan. Chrislema.com Become a WordPress Ninja in 1400 Days
    6. 6. Year One Book: Professional WordPress: Design & Development
    7. 7. Year One Play with WordPress.org on a host Explore themes and plugins Check out theme frameworks Learn to write child themes Focus on things like Metaboxes Actions and filters Theme templates
    8. 8. Year Two Year of the plugin Single-function ones Read the codex like the Bible Read everything Pippin writes
    9. 9. Year Three Get involved in the community Write some posts Speak at a WordCamp Contribute to core Create an extension for an existing plugin Write a plugin for a theme framework
    10. 10. Year Four Find a group or team to collaborate with
    11. 11. But I'm not interested in learning all of that My site doesn't need all that stuff I don't have a site to work on
    12. 12. Three approaches 1. Find a sad, sorry website and build a good one 2. Find a great site and copy it 3. Make it up
    13. 13. Now to begin…
    14. 14. WordPress.org Lessons Codex Forums
    15. 15. Books WordPress for Dummies WordPress for Web Designers Professional WordPress Design and Development
    16. 16. Videos Lynda.com Treehouse YouTube
    17. 17. Courses Your Website Engineer WebDesign (iThemes) Boulder Digital Arts
    18. 18. Schools Mythical?
    19. 19. Mentor Worth every penny
    20. 20. Mentor Worth every penny beer
    21. 21. Networking WordPress.org forum WordPress meetups WordCamps Twitter Google+ Co-working spaces Coffee shops
    22. 22. Podcasts Dradcast WP Plugins A to Z WP Watercooler Apply Filters Your Website Engineer WP Elevation Shop Talk
    23. 23. You can't learn WordPress from a… Book Video Tutorial
    24. 24. You gotta...
    25. 25. And when you’re feeling stupid and overwhelmed (because you will)
    26. 26. Just remember how far you’ve come
    27. 27. And know that the people you respect and admire…
    28. 28. Feel the same way too
    29. 29. You can do it
    30. 30. But you can’t do it overnight
    31. 31. You don’t have to do it alone
    32. 32. Ride Your Own Ride
    33. 33. Julie Kuehl @juliekuehl www.juliekuehl.com (it’s pronounced “keel” but I’m good with “cool” too  ) http://www.slideshare.net/JulieKuehl