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Soseek-소셜커머스 메타 서비스


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'내가 정말 사고 싶은 물건, 어느 소셜커머스에서 구입해야 하는걸까?!'
Soseek - 소셜커머스 메타 정보 제공 서비스
- 지식경제부 SoftwareMaestro 2기 1단계 3차 발표 자료
- 강별, 김주리 멘티
- 김태완 멘토

Published in: Technology
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Soseek-소셜커머스 메타 서비스

  1. 1. SWMaestro 1단계 3차 기분 좋은 소식, SoSeek 김태완 멘토 김주리 멘티 강별 멘티
  2. 2. Table of Contents • • • • • • We are SoSeek SoSeek Motive Implementation Technical Issue Demo Q&A
  4. 4. 김주리 SWMaestro 2기 이화여자대학교 컴퓨터공학과 SoSeek Server 강별 SWMaestro 2기 광운대학교 컴퓨터공학과 SoSeek Client
  6. 6. Another market Change of consumption pattern
  7. 7. More, Social Commerce become WIDER
  8. 8. We are members of THE TREND, Social Commerce
  9. 9. However, When we open the page…
  10. 10. Where is what I want to buy?
  11. 11. Commerce Searcher Less dependency on Platform Technical set for server Reliability and Scalability Here is the SoSeek for you!
  13. 13. Project Configuration 작업 내역 관리 Task 생성 및 할당 프로젝트 스케줄 원격 저장소 git 연동 Wiki 관리 Dependency control Maven repository caching SoSeek Repository 소스 및 형상관리
  14. 14. Software Architecture cache Document Cache cache’ Client Cache’’ Client Cloud server File loader REST API with JSON Client (distributed cache)
  15. 15. Server Side Request Cloud Server JAX-B Jersey Distributed Cache
  16. 16. WAS with Infinispan – Hot Rode Web Application SoSeek Remote CacheManager Cache Web Application SoSeek cache Remote CacheManager Cache Web Application SoSeek Cache Remote CacheManager Infinispan Cache Manager cache’ Cache’’ File loader Higher than Infinispan 5.2v
  17. 17. WAS with Infinispan – Embedded cache Web Application SoSeek Infinispan Cache Manager cache’ (singleton) Cache’’ File loader Infinispan 5.0-Release
  18. 18. Mobile Client
  19. 19. Desktop Client
  20. 20. HELP ME!!!!!!! TECHNICAL ISSUE
  21. 21. Ajax Cross-domain access CORS filter Glassfish(WAS)와 UTF-8 encoding Configure glassfish Add encoding filter User Agent 분기 Agent의 키워드에 따른 javascript에서의 분기
  22. 22. Infinispan CacheManager Lifecycle I t’ s so CONFUSED Spring singletone bean with context Using Hot Rod Infinispan IndexWriter with infinispan Transaction per writer Transaction per cache and writer
  23. 23. Furthermore… HOW WONDERFUL! Xen을 활용한 Server side 가상화 Log를 이용한 개인화된 소셜커머스 검색 서비스