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Silicon Valley's Innovative Ecosystem: The Cultural & Environmental Success Factors


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Recently, I was asked to give a presentation about Silicon Valley to professors at Senshu University. After discussing with my professor what would be the most valuable information to share about Silicon Valley, I decided to talk about the innovative ecosystem in Silicon Valley that fosters groundbreaking technology.

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Silicon Valley's Innovative Ecosystem: The Cultural & Environmental Success Factors

  1. 1. 専修大学 Silicon Valley’s Innovative Ecosystem: The Cultural & Environmental Success Factors Julie Taeko Gramlich Kyoto University
  2. 2. AGENDA Personal Background • Career Highlights • Masters Degree Silicon Valley’s Environment • Access I, II, III Silicon Valley’s Culture • Embrace Failure • Build a Platform • Collaborate • Foster Intrinsic Motivation • Customer-First Mentality • Think Big • Diversity & Inclusion • Community Conclusion Key Takeaways Q&A Brainstorm
  4. 4. CAREER HIGHLIGHTS University of California, Berkeley in 2011 • Bachelor of Arts in Political Economy Google: Patent Legal Department Equilar: Associate Corporate Marketing Manager Selligent: Corporate Marketing Manager
  5. 5. MASTERS DEGREE Monbukagakusho Scholarship • Kyoto University, Masters in Economics Entrepreneurship in Japan • Women’s Empowerment Initiatives Published Research • 19 Female Founder Interviews
  7. 7. Geography • “Silicon Valley” > 20 Cities History • 1970s Xerox PARC Networks • Academia [Stanford] • Private Sector [Incubators] • CA Government • Mentors / Role Models ACCESS I
  8. 8. ACCESS II Money • 3rd Highest Number Of Billionaires In The World • 18,395 Silicon Valley Angel Investors • Venture Capital Funds [$8.5M SF + $4.8M SJ = $13.3M SV] Talent • 45 Engineers /1000 Employees > Any Other City
  9. 9. ACCESS III Amenities • World-class Hotels • World’s Top Restaurants • Large Conference Centers • Unique Entertainment • Popular Sports Teams • Uber / Lyft
  11. 11. EMBRACE FAILURE Fail Fast & Act Quickly Be OK with Mistakes Jeff Bezos • “Amazon Is The Best Place To Fail At!” Strong Determination To Succeed Enjoy The Thrill Of A Challenge
  12. 12. BUILD A PLATFORM Google: Gmail, Google Apps, Google Photos, Google Adwords, Adsense, Youtube, Google Maps, Android, Google Translate, Chrome Apple: iCloud, iTunes, iMac, iPad, iPhone, TV, Watch Amazon: Amazon Prime (Kindle Store, Prime Music, Prime Video, Prime Now, Prime Pantry), Amazon Store, Amazon Web Services
  13. 13. COLLABORATE Google Perks • Free Meals, Open Lunch Tables, Company-wide Events Strong Leadership • Everyone Pitches In • Collective Unity Remote Work Hackathons Open Source
  14. 14. FOSTER INTRINSIC MOTIVATION EXTRINSIC INTRINSIC Company Brand [Prestige] Shape The Path Of Innovation [Exciting] Compensation [>$250,000 Salary] Play A Meaningful Role In The Business [Significant] Perks [Free Meals, Gyms] Work On Something That No One Has Ever Done Before [Challenging] Praise [Acknowledgement] Explore the Unexplored [Curiosity] Awards [Industry Recognition]
  15. 15. CUSTOMER-FIRST MENTALITY Customer Obsession • Amazon’s Leadership Principles Amazon’s PR FAQ User-Centered Design • Simplification [Google] • User-Friendly Design [Apple]
  16. 16. THINK BIG Airbnb • Be a Cereal Entrepreneur Amazon • Think Big • Bias for Action • Invent & Simplify
  17. 17. DIVERSITY & INCLUSION Airbnb • “Belonging is at our core.” Apple, Amazon & Google • Transparent, Diversity Statistics Facebook • Lean In • Expectant Mothers Parking Spots
  18. 18. COMMUNITY Flat Hierarchy “Soulful” • Twitter Care for Others • Airbnb Company Value Global Community • Google’s Women’s Will Campaign in Japan
  20. 20. KEY TAKEAWAYS 1. Collaborate Constantly 6. Be Community-Oriented, A Global Citizen 2. Think Bigger 7. Foster Intrinsic Motivation 3. Customer-First Mentality 8. Embrace Failure 4. Build a Platform, Not a Product 9. Access to top talent, investment $, substantial network. 5. Be Inclusive & Embrace Diversity 10. Silicon Valley’s Historical Infrastructure