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Technology and Caregiving Presentation

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Iii technology

  1. 1. TECHNOLOGY: A CAREGIVER’S BEST FRIENDDr. Julie GiulianiFlorida State College at JacksonvilleContinuing Education
  2. 2. TECHNOLOGYEmerging trends-demographics and digital technology
  3. 3. USES AND BENEFITS• Technology improves • Quality of Life • Health and Wellness • Home Automation, Security and Safety • Communication and Social Engagement • Lifestyle and Learning
  4. 4. TECHNOLOGYe-Connected Family CaregiverNational Alliance for Caregiving & UnitedHealthCare 2011 (n=1,000)
  5. 5. TOP BENEFITS OF TECHNOLOGY FOR CAREGIVERS • Saving time (77%) believe they would benefit somewhat or a great deal • Logistics (76%) making caregiving easier • Making the care recipient feel safer (75%) • Increasing feelings of being effective (74%) • Reducing stress (74%) Most receptive to technologies that help deliver, monitor, track and coordinate careNational Alliance for Caregiving & United HealthCare 2011
  6. 6. SILVER TSUNAMI• 78 M Baby Boomers entering retirement• Will change the experience of aging• More will face chronic ageing conditions • Arthritis • Diabetes • Osteoporosis • Senile Dementia Focus on better home health care services and lifestyle independence
  7. 7. LOSS OF INDEPENDENCE-GREATEST FEAR 89% WANT TO AGE IN PLACEClarity and EARFoundation, 2007Aging in Place Armed with sensors, webcams and GPS systems we’ll be able to keep track of elderly and preserve sense of independence
  8. 8. INTEGRATED TECHNOLOGY INDEPENDENT LIVING SOLUTIONSNot Quite There• Convergence of everyday technologies• Inexpensive sensor detectors• Internet/Ethernet Infrastructure Health Care Database Still, fragmented market- need more integrated infrastructure
  9. 9. QUALITY OF LIFE - SMART HOMESSmart Home 12x24 foot freestanding home fitting in any backyard
  10. 10. FINANCIAL INCENTIVE• Ageing in Place • Assisted Living • Home software/ • Yearly costs=$41,000 products=$4,000 • Nursing Home = • $130 mn to monitor $85,000 Transparency, Customized
  11. 11. MONITORS AND APPSGet out of bed, take medication, movement in the house- an updated electronic report every morning
  12. 12. HEALTH AND MEDICAL Medical monitoring systems
  14. 14. MEDICAL DEVICESGPS for visually impaired Heart Monitor Mirror Transmitter
  15. 15. MEDICAL DEVICES• MReminders, Cautions, Tracking systems Text Messages
  16. 16. SAFETYWireless, sensors, webcams
  17. 17. COMMUNICATION & SOCIAL CONNECTIONS• Facebook• Twitter• Skype• Facetime Few common technologies adapted for elderly use
  18. 18. LIFESTYLE iPad GamesGoogle Earth Trip www. seniorark.com Kindle
  19. 19. LifestylePhysical, Mental and Leisure Activity
  20. 20. LIFESTYLELarge screens, icons, ease of use, visuallyengaging, audio components, interactive
  21. 21. EDUCATIONAged enjoy learning as much as anyone else-may forestallAlzheimer’s or types of dementia
  22. 22. THE FUTURE OF TECHNOLOGY Speech interface, wireless devices, robotic commands-maximize independence at home while decreasing number of caregiving support hours needed
  23. 23. CONTINUING EDUCATION FAMILY- CENTERED CAREGIVING• Saturday, September 8 10am-noon• Thursday, September 13 10am-noon• Deerwood Campus• To register: fscj.edu/continuing education• Select “Personal Enrichment”• Select “Introduction to Family-Centered CaregivingDr. Julie Giulianijgiulian@fscj.edu904-633-8415
  24. 24. THANK YOUQUESTIONS?????????????????