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Using Competitive Research To Pump Up Your PPC

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Using Competitive Research To Pump Up Your PPC

  1. 1. Using  Compe,,ve  Research     to  Pump  Up  Your  PPC  
  2. 2. Refresh  Any,me   Campaigns  can  become  stale     for  a  lot  of  reasons.  
  3. 3. Start  Sleuthing   First  step?     Figure  out  how  your   account  stacks  up  in   the  compe::ve   landscape.  
  4. 4. Where  to  Begin   How  can  you  figure  out  where   opportuni:es  lie  for  your  client     to  gain  ground?  
  5. 5. Auc,on  Insights  –  A  Hidden  Gem   If  you’re  not  using  it  already,  you  can     find  it  under  the  Keywords  tab  >>  Details.  
  6. 6. Auc,on  Insights  –  Delicious  Data!  
  7. 7. What  to  do  Next   Now  that  you  have  an  idea  of  who  you’re   regularly  compe:ng  against  inside  of   AdWords,  it  is  :me  to  start  looking     outside  for  even  more  informa:on.  
  8. 8. Be  a  Searcher   Perform  searches  in  the  major  engines  for:     Branded  terms   Compe:tors   Top  target  keywords  
  9. 9. What  Might  You  Find?  
  10. 10. Log  the  Results  
  11. 11. View  Your  Copy  Against  Theirs  
  12. 12. Use  a  Power  Tool  
  13. 13. Power  Tools   There  are  a  ton  of  compe::ve  research   tools  out  there  –  here  are  a  few:     SpyFu   SEM  Rush   Keyword  Spy   iSpionage  
  14. 14. Landing  Page  Experiences  
  15. 15. Landing  Page  Experiences  
  16. 16. Don’t  Forget  Mobile!   Search  on  mobile  devices  as  well  –     the  landing  pages  will  look  different     &  the  compe::on  may  also  shiT.  
  17. 17. Mobile  Landing  Page  Experiences  
  18. 18. Mobile  Landing  Page  Experiences  
  19. 19. Consider  Running  a  Compe,tor   Campaign  in  AdWords  
  20. 20. Write  New  Versions  of  All  Ads!   LiVle  changes  can  make  a  big  difference  –   by  adding  “BBB  A+  Rated”  to  one  client’s   ads  &  landing  pages,  we  increased  clicks  by   25%  and  conversions  by  15%.  
  21. 21. Plan  a  Mini  Compe,,ve   Review  Quarterly   •  The  landscape  can  shiT  quickly  &   drama:cally  –  know  what  is  happening!   •  A  new  compe:tor  can  come  out  of   nowhere,  so  stay  alert.   •  Follow  the  compe:tors  on  social  media   to  get  advanced  warning  of  new   ini:a:ves  or  big  changes.  
  22. 22. Follow  Up  Ques,ons     Always  Welcomed!   Connect  with  me  on  TwiVer  @NeptuneMoon   Follow  my  blog  at