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Stealing from the Internet

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  1. 1. z Stealing
  2. 2. z Stealing means... Stealing means to take someone's property without permission or legal right and without intending to return it. The act of taking something from someone unlawfuly. Eg. He was arrested, tried at old bailey, and after being acquitted on a charge of stealing lace, he was foung guilty.
  3. 3. Stealing is wrong no matter what you have stolen. Stealing anything is wrong even if it is just a push pop from your local shop. Stealing from the internet is the same as stealing in real life. You can steal movies, games .ect off the internet. There are hacks and cheats and generators to get free things of the internet.
  4. 4. z Is it wrong to steal something even if you don’t get caught? It is always wrong to steal something even if you don’t get caught. it is not yours and you should just pay for it. If you have stolen something you could get on probation but if you steal something again you can even get sentenced to time in jail depending on what you have stolen.