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Kaitlin pp


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Kaitlin pp

  1. 1.  Macbeth is a warrior who live in Scotland. He is married to lady macbeth. He is weak at the start and strong at the end of the play. A captain in Duncans army. When Three Witches predict that he will one day be king of Scotland, he takes his fate into his own hands, allowing his ambition and  that of his wife to overcome his better judgement.
  2. 2.  Lady Macbeth is one of the most famous female characters in all of literature. Macbeths wife is smart, ambitious, and brave. She is undone, however, by her ambition, and by her utter ruthlessness
  3. 3.  A companion of Macbeth, who also receives a prophecy from the Witches : that his children will one day succeed to the throne of Scotland.