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Stealing from the Internet

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  1. 1. stealing
  2. 2. Stealing from a shop Stealing is when you take something u should of payed for If you steel fom a shop and don’t geet caught it is still clarified as stealing because you took something you should of payed for. Stealing is wrong and u should never do it
  3. 3. Stealing from the internet • Stealing from the internet means you take something from the internet without permission and is illegal. • When steal from the internet you don’t realise it a lot of the time. • Examples of illegal websites • Putlocker • 123movies • Musicplayer • And taking someones pictures without pemission • If you use any of these that means you have stolen from the internet
  4. 4. punishments • For creating a copyright app or website you can be charged 5 years in prison • If you shop lift the punishment is 1 year in jail and a small fine