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161207 iHV leadership conf - Susan Otiti


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Presentation by Susan Otiti, Assistant Director of Public Health, Haringey Council, at the iHV Leadership Conference on 7 December 2016.
Leading in a new landscape

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161207 iHV leadership conf - Susan Otiti

  1. 1. Leading in a new landscape Susan Otiti Assistant Director of Public Health
  2. 2. Understand the strategic context Where is children’s health and wellbeing prioritised locally? Familiarise yourself with: • Council’s corporate plan • Health and wellbeing strategy • NHS led – sustainability and transformation plan
  3. 3. Invest in relationships Do you know your Council: • Public Health Consultant • Commissioner • Lead member • Director of Children’s Services
  4. 4. Service performance Take responsibility to: • Know your contract and service specification with your local authority • Ensure your team record and report all activity to the Commissioner • Share ‘soft intelligence’ with your Council
  5. 5. Haringey’s transformation programme 2015 - 2017 1. Workforce; recruitment and skill mix 2. Integration; children’s centres and early help 3. Changing ‘day to day’ practice; phased implementation of the Healthy Child Programme approach-transforming-health-visiting-service-haringey/
  6. 6. Haringey’s new service model Service model pre October 2015 Service delivery 1 universal contact - new birth visit All other contacts were targeted Workforce Band 6&7 HVs 24.52wte Skill mix 10.04wte Teams 4 large locality teams New service model Oct 2016 Service delivery Universal - all 5 mandated elements Workforce Band 6 &7 HVs 43.00wte Skill mix 24.40wte Teams 10 small teams aligned with the Council’s early help teams
  7. 7. Contemporary principles of health visiting first published in 1977 They are: • Search for health needs; • Stimulation of an awareness of health needs; • Influence policies affecting health; • Facilitate health enhancing activities