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161207 iHV leadership conf - Andrea Johns FiHV


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Presentation given by Andrea Johns at the iHV leadership conference on 7 Dec 2016.
Influencing your environment within an integrated 0-19 service - Andrea Johns FiHV, Professional Lead Health Visiting, Wirral Community NHSFoundation Trust

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161207 iHV leadership conf - Andrea Johns FiHV

  1. 1. Influencing your environment within an integrated 0-19 service Andrea Johns FiHV Professional Lead Health Visiting Wirral Community NHS Foundation Trust
  2. 2. Moving to a new organisation… where we are now… • October 2015 - service specification includes working with Local Authority as part of an integrated early years model - Parenting Journey • November 2015 - Transformation and Integration action plan • February 2016 - new senior leader structure implemented • April 2016 - roll out of Parenting Journey in pilot areas • May 2016 - From paper to electronic system and scanning of 75,000 child health records on SystmOne • September 2016 - HV week, launch of Facebook page • November 2016 - staff moved to new bases, some co-located with Children’s centre colleagues
  3. 3. By delivering this model… we will… • Have Shared Outcomes • Have an understanding of each other’s roles and responsibilities • Deliver integrated key messages • Ensure a consistent message across Cheshire East based on our understanding of what is quality. • Ensure consistency of evidence based advice and information leaflets. • Joint development and delivery of a number of stops.
  4. 4. Working together to improve outcomes for children in Cheshire East in the following priority areas Following joint consultation with staff, 4 key priority areas for transformation and integration were identified 1. Early Intervention in Safeguarding 2. Transition to parenthood and the early weeks including early attachment 3. Maternal mental health 4. Emotional health and wellbeing of children & young people.
  5. 5. Joint training • Joint training for Parenting Journey and integrated two year review. • IHV Champions deliver awareness training across Local Authority Early Years services on Infant Mental Health, Maternal Mental Health and Nutrition/Maintaining a Healthy Weight. • Cherubs Infant Feeding Coordinator delivers breastfeeding training. • HVs deliver child development and ASQ awareness training to newly qualified Social Workers.
  6. 6. Working groups, secondments and link roles to support integration • 0-19 Healthy Child Transformation Board • Children,Young People and Transition Board • Parenting Journey strategic task group • Health Visitor secondment to Early Years team to develop integrated 2 year review. • Health Visitor secondment to Early Help team- ChECs. • All Early Years settings to have a Health Visitor link (170 settings in Cheshire East). • All GPs to have a Health Visitor link
  7. 7. Influencing your environment Remember to: • Keep the child at the centre of all you do • Be proactive- inviting in, not referring out • Use your expertise and assume a leadership role using local Leadership opportunities • Embrace integration and working together • Develop a working relationship with key stakeholders • Identify how you can connect the service via Fellow / Champion role • Use Social media- a valuable tool to connect and learn
  8. 8. Inspiring a shared purpose • Embedding best practice from other areas using Fellows network • Challenging practice and embedding changes Sharing the vision • Sharing evidence, research from areas where new ways of practice have made an impact and communicating this to the team Connecting the service • Leading integrated working groups creating a sense of trust and respect for other roles • Connecting the service to the national leadership team via Fellow role. Leadership
  9. 9. One of the first 25 iHV Fellows in the country Sharing my staff story