SBIR/STTR Reauthorization Summary


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Summary presentation on the details of the SBIR/STTR reauthorization and current status of implementation, with emphasis on the NIH.

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SBIR/STTR Reauthorization Summary

  1. 1. SBIR/STTRreauthorization overview Julie Turner Collins ATDC/SBIR GA
  2. 2. SBIR - Small Business Innovation Research 2.5% set-aside STTR - Small Business Technology Transfer 0.3% set-aside
  3. 3. $2.3 BillionFederal seed capital non-equity diluting
  4. 4. AGENCIESSBIR and STTR Participants SBIR Participants Department of Defense* Department of Homeland SecurityDepartment of Health and Human Department of Agriculture Services* Environmental Protection Agency National Aeronautics and Space Department of Transportation Administration Department of Commerce Department of Energy Department of Education National Science Foundation* * FUND MEDICALLY RELATED PRODUCTS
  5. 5. PHASES AWARD SUB- DURATION OBJECTIVE AMOUNT CONTRACT 6 TO 12PHASE I $150,000 Feasibility 33% MOS. 2 TO 3 ProductPHASE II $1,000,000 50% YEARS Development Phase I required Phase II Phase III Note: some agencies allow Phase II applications by request only
  6. 6. STTR• Applicant Small Business Concern• Consortium Agreement 30% required subcontract with RI or FFRDC Max effort 60%• SBC Effort Min 40%, Max 70%
  7. 7. Reauthorization• NDAA FY2012 6 years through 2017• PROCESS Congress Pass Legislation SBA Draft rules/regulations Agencies Implement changes
  8. 8. LEGISLATION• POLICY DIRECTIVE released + effective Aug 6, 2012 changes implemented in 2013 solicitations• SIZE RULES released Dec 27, 2012, effective Jan 28, 2013 changes implement in solicitations released AFTER Jan 28
  9. 9. Size rules effective Jan 28, 2013• OWNERSHIP + CONTROL 50% owned + controlled by: US citizens permanent residents and/or one or more domestic business concerns who are 50% owned and controlled ….
  10. 10. Size rules VC eligibility• VC OWNERSHIP Multiple domestic VCs Each w/ <50% ownership SBIR only• VC Eligibility Organized under U.S. Law Place of business in U.S.• DETERMINED ON A FULLY CONVERTED BASIS
  11. 11. SIZE + AFFILIATION• UNDER 500 EMPLOYEES Including affiliates [Exception:VC-owns minority share]• AFFILIATE DEFINITION: One business [or third party] controls or has the power to control another >50% voting stock OR >40% voting stock IF common management, reliant upon for 70% of receipts, ostensible subcontractors, license agreements (licensee must bear right to profit and risk of loss)
  12. 12. Bottom line “totality of circumstances” AGENCY DISCRETION0-25% CAP [NIH, NSF, DOE] 0-15% CAP all others Who will opt-out?
  13. 13. Policy directive• CCR to SAM transition SBIR to STTR cross over awards Direct to Phase II } @ agency discretion• REGISTRATION WITH SBIR.GOV Why? Track Phase I to Phase II to Phase III conversion• PHASE I = $150,000 PHASE II = $1,000,000 } 150% CAP
  14. 14. NIH Specifics• CURRENT OMNIBUS SOLICITATION } SBIR to STTR Direct to Phase II NO! VC eligibility MID-YEAR RE-RELEASE! SUBSCRIBE• $5,000 TECHNICAL ASSISTANCE Niche assessment or named provider
  17. 17. Julie Turner Collins Director, SBIR GA a service of ATDC