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Nordic eGovernment Conference Hans Ekstål & Daniel Sjöberg


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Starting and operating businesses in Sweden

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Nordic eGovernment Conference Hans Ekstål & Daniel Sjöberg

  1. 1. The Swedish Authority Cooperation"Starting and operating businesses"
  2. 2. Cooperating AuthoritiesSwedish Public Swedish Tax AgencyEmployment Service SkatteverketArbetsförmedlingen Swedish agency forSwedish Companies Economic and RegionalRegistration Office GrowthBolagsverket TillväxtverketSwedish Social Insurance Swedish CustomsAgency TullverketFörsäkringskassan
  3. 3. We meet theentrepreneurwith gatheredinformationand services
  4. 4. Our main products The Swedish Business Link to Government - Brochures (four editions) Starting Up a Business Full day seminar Starting Up a Business-Day Training for civil servants in service offices
  5. 5. Some figures 25 000 Start-Up Day attendants since the start 500 000 Start-Up brochures distributed yearly 100 000 Visits at monthly
  6. 6. How do we do it? Agreement, Operational Plan and Budget Strategic objectives Management and governance Working groups
  7. 7. Organization Management group (Director-Generals) Steering group Reference- and expert groups Operational management * e.g. communication directors, ICT-directors, lawyers Editorial group Development projects and temporary wok Group leaders Communication group groups Education is managed incommittees within the larger Technical groupgroups.
  8. 8. More details about
  9. 9. Finalist in the 2009eGovernment Awards
  10. 10. The Swedish Business Link toGovernment – Key product within the broader concept of information and service PSC - Point of Single Contact (EU Services Directive)
  11. 11. The Swedish Business Link toGovernment – The process approach Architecture Roll-out, result and future
  12. 12. Businesses CitizensPRODUCTS AND CHANNELS Printed matter Agencies, Personal meetings Sector Portals municipalities Telephone websites EtceteraSHARED INFRASTRUCTURE Basic data Basic data business person ”My power of eID ”My messages” attorneys” Basic data Basic data ”My cases” ”My e-archive” Etcetera GIS …GOVERNMENT AGENCIES Back-end Data and Information Systems Archives and service