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Reluctant Networker

Are you reluctant to network with others for your career? Bartimus Career Consulting provides strategies for understanding and overcoming these challenges. Review complete presentation or focus on one of the steps.

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Reluctant Networker

  1. 1. Are You A Reluctant Networker? Julie L. Bartimus, Career Coach
  2. 2. Networking © 2019 Julie L. Bartimus, Friends’ View Mom’s View Others’ Reaction My View
  3. 3. Networking What I would like to do What I actually do © 2019 Julie L. Bartimus,
  4. 4. Why Network? Goals for Networking © 2019 Julie L. Bartimus, Meet people with shared interests Explore Career / Re-career options Analyze the market Identify trends, emerging fields and industries Learn about company culture Get referred for jobs
  5. 5. Why not networking? • Unsure how to/where to start? • Don’t know what to say • Shy or embarrassed • No time • Overwhelming • Don’t know anyone • Don’t want to beg
  6. 6. Strategies © 2019 Julie L. Bartimus, Understanding networking (why and how) Understanding your preferences Using your strengths Building your professional networking skills
  7. 7. Networking Process Set objectives Develop list(s) Message Outreach Prepare Revise and refine © 2019 Julie L. Bartimus,
  8. 8. Set Goals & Objectives • Identify short term and long term goals • Set SMART goals • Define success by those areas you control • Go beyond “I need a job” • Examples: • I’ll introduce myself to at least 2 new people at the next event • I’ll research and join at least one professional group within the next two weeks • I’ll introduce myself to at least 3 new connections this weeks © 2019 Julie L. Bartimus, Set objectives
  9. 9. Your Network Connections ie. Alumni Colleagues Friends & Family You © 2019 Julie L. Bartimus, Develop list(s)
  10. 10. Establish relationships Develop your list of contacts ~ • Personal networks • Professional networks • Their contacts • New personal/professional contacts • Contacts of key decision-makers • Decision-makers © 2019 Julie L. Bartimus, Develop list(s)
  11. 11. What’s Your Message • Nouns (manager, writer, techie etc) • Adjectives (creative, intelligent, innovative) • Supporting skills, experience, knowledge and accomplishments • How can you build on this message over time? © 2019 Julie L. Bartimus, Message
  12. 12. Crafting Your Message • Your soundbyte, and presenting it • 30-40 seconds • Your core message and ‘buzz’ – a tagline • Customizing • Visibility, and spreading the message • Individual contacts • Meeting people at group events • LinkedIn, other sites; Twitter; blogs • Your messages are out there forever • Google yourself © 2019 Julie L. Bartimus, Message
  13. 13. Interaction: Targeted One-on-One • Begin with common interest(s) • Continue with person/organization in common • Your brief introduction and goal for gathering info • Your request for targeted information (Why are you talking with this particular person?) © 2019 Julie L. Bartimus, Outreach
  14. 14. A Soundbyte Framework (one-on-one) Hi, I’m (name). Mary Smith suggested that I contact you because of your career path in (abc). I have 3 years of experience in communications and am exploring (abc) as an area of interest and because (something specific). Would you be willing to talk with me for 20-30 minutes, at your convenience, to share (something relevant to the context)? © 2019 Julie L. Bartimus,
  15. 15. Interaction: In Groups • Prepare • Set a goal to talk with (x) people at the event • Learn about the event, the speaker, the leaders • Prepare to share (an article, new website, etc.) • Carry out your goal, and stretch! • Help others feel comfortable • Introduce yourself, thank organizers and speakers • Follow-up with contacts – soon! © 2019 Julie L. Bartimus, Outreach
  16. 16. A Soundbyte Framework (event) Hi, I’m (name). I’m a (job title/professional role), and my experience has mainly been in (industry/types of companies). I really enjoy my work in (types of projects /something specific). I’m here to (hear the speaker/learn more about the organization /meet people who have interests similar to mine/ reconnect), [as I start looking at the next possibilities for making a professional move]. © 2019 Julie L. Bartimus,
  17. 17. Interaction: Virtual (platform: LinkedIn) • Have a robust and up-to-date profile • Contact profiles give you information • Find the commonalities • • Customize your email messages (be brief) • Join, explore groups – make contacts • Answer, ask questions of your groups • Move away from the screen! © 2019 Julie L. Bartimus, Outreach
  18. 18. Tune Your Message • Deal with hesitations / obstacles • Set your ‘networking reputation’ goal • Prepare for specific interactions • Your soundbyte / marketing tools (resume/handbill) • Information about contacts • Points for info sought / questions for contacts • List of target companies (if in a job search) • Know your strengths & preferences • Have information to share © 2019 Julie L. Bartimus, Prepare
  19. 19. Personal Business Cards © 2019 Julie L. Bartimus, Other Tagline Examples  Organization Development Leader  Finance Professional  Writing, Editing & Design Outreach Prepare
  20. 20. Networking Handbill • Purpose • An exercise to identify the types of contacts and referrals you need • When attending job clubs and other job seeker support groups--copies for each attendee • When you do other networking that is heavily focused on getting more contacts • What is included in a handbill? • What kind of work you want to do • How you are qualified to do that work • Specific target contact requests © 2019 Julie L. Bartimus, Prepare
  21. 21. Get Out There and Network! • Review Objectives: how are you doing? • What about your timeline – set goals for • Two weeks • One, three, six months (esp. if in a job search) • Who do you need to contact next? • Return to your list of contacts; how are you doing? • What event is best for you to attend © 2019 Julie L. Bartimus, Revise and refine
  22. 22. As You Move Through Your Career • So does everyone else ~ paths will cross • Who is in your first tier (keeping in regular touch) • Who is in the next tier (see at monthly meetings, annual conferences) • Who is an occasional contact • Connecting others & Nurturing the relationships • Being a / finding decision-makers • Making the time © 2019 Julie L. Bartimus, Revise and refine
  23. 23. Resources © 2019 Julie L. Bartimus, Quiet: The Power of Introverts in a World that Can’t Stop Talking by Susan Cain • Book review in "Quiet" Inspiration for #WorldBookDay," 2 Mar 2017 • Susan Cain: The Power of Introverts (video) I’m on LinkedIn: Now What? By Jason Alba Network your Way To Your Next Job FAST by Cylde C. Lowstuter and David L. Robertson