Human relationships islam


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Human relationships islam

  1. 1. Human RelationshipsTopics to revise•Roles of men and women in the family•Marriage and marriage ceremonies•Divorce•Sexual Relationships and ContraceptionLearning ObjectivesKnow the Key words for this topicUnderstand how to use relevant quotesBe able to practise exam questions on this topic
  2. 2. Describe:The roles of man / woman / child in a Muslim family What you should be able to do….A Muslim wedding ceremony.List:The vows taken in a Muslim wedding ceremony.The main Muslim teachings about marriage.Explain:Different Muslim views about sexual relationshipsDifferent Muslim views about contraceptionDifferent Muslim views about divorce
  3. 3. Roles of men and women in the family Topics to reviseTraditional Roles – Men are superior Women are expected to take care of the home and children and men are expected to support their wives. - “Men are in charge of women....” Qur’an 4:34 However, it is quite acceptable for women to seek an education, or go out to work if their husbands agree. Even thought they’re not the head of the family mothers have a very high status in Muslim families.
  4. 4. Roles of men and women in the family Topics to reviseAlternative / Modern View –• Teachings of the Qur’an say that husbands should consider what’s normal in society when dealing with their wives and that family decisions should be taken together.
  5. 5. Marriage and marriage ceremonies “Whoever among you can marry Marriage is recommended for three reasons: should because it Marriage provides companionship helps him lower his To provide a secure environment for having children and bringing them up as practising gaze and guard his Muslims. modesty” (Prophet The sexual instinct is very strong and need Mohammad) to be channelled.
  6. 6. Choosing a partner Arranged marriages - Parents also have a in most Muslim responsibility to helpMost Muslim believe if the marriage goes communities,that it is unwise for wrong. parents search foryoung men andwomen to mix freely, suitable partners forand dating is often their children.discouraged. The contract give both the husband and wifeThe marriage contract is rights andconsidered to be more a “secular” responsibilities butcontract than a religious joining Muslims believe that itcontract. This is why both will only work out if thepartners must consent to it for it to couple respect eachbe valid. other.
  7. 7. Marriage and marriage ceremonies• Marriage ceremonies differ in different Islamic cultures, but there is always a religious ceremony and a public ceremony.• A contract (nikah) is drawn up in advance by the families of the bride and groom and dowry (mahr) paid by the groom to the bride.• At the ceremony vows are exchanged, and a marriage declaration is made by each partner. There may be a reading for the Qur’an or a speech (khutbah).• There will be a big feast afterwards, though the men and women may enjoy this separately.• The marriage can take place anywhere but it is often held in a Mosques or in the bride or groom’s home.
  8. 8. Civil Partnerships• Wrong• Homosexuality is strictly forbidden by Islamic Shari’ah law in may Muslim countries it is still illegal. In some countries i.e. Saudi Arabia, homosexuality act between men carry the death penalty.• So Muslims do not approve of same sex relationships, or of civil partnerships.
  9. 9. • Divorce If things aren’t going Divorce is permitted but only as a very last resort. well an arbiter from each family should be appointed to try to sort things out.• Muslims see reconciliation as particularly important whe the couple have children.• But, in Islam, marriage is a contract, and like any other contract it can be ended.• When the man says “I divorce you” three times, the marriage is said to be over. However, there’s often a period of three months after the first of these declarations. The allows time for the reflection, and also to ensure the women is not pregnant.• A woman can divorce a man in the same way, if it was written into her marriage contract. Otherwise she has to apply to a Shari’ah court for a divorce.• After the divorce, both men and women can remarry.
  10. 10. Sexual RelationshipsSex in a marriage relationship – ENCOURAGEDSex before marriage and outside of marriage – FORBIDDEN – It is very important to most Muslims that people, especially girls, remain virgins until marriage.Islam permits, but doesn’t encourage polygamy. A man may have up to four wives, but only if he can support them and treat them equally. (Muhammad actually had 11 wives)However, in the UK the number of marriages is decreasing and it becoming more popular for couples to cohabit instead of getting married.
  11. 11. Contraception• The Qur’an encourages procreation and Muslims believe that conception is the will of Allah. So although contraception isn’t specifically mentioned in the Qur’an, it’s often seen an unwelcome.• Most Muslims feel that it’s the right of both husband and wife to try for children, so both partners must agree to any contraception.• Different Muslims have different views on contraception, eg in Iran, contraception for family planning is actively encouraged. But more conservative scholars and clerics have campaigned against contraception.• In most Muslim countries, contraception is permitted if: There is a threat the mother’s health It could help a women who already has children There is a greater than average chance of the child being born with a disability The family is too poor to raise a child