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Restaurant Management System


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Restaurant management system has changed current era for order management. With latest software technology once can save time and budget. It is far better than traditional methods of ordering. Various restaurants are implementing this methodology and gaining more return on investment.It is also known as restaurant software, restaurant point of sale or restaurant POS. It offers digital restaurant menu that makes easy for customers to go through available menu along with promotional offer.

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Restaurant Management System

  1. 1.
  2. 2.  Introduction  Traditional Method  Limitations of Old Method  How Digital Restaurant Menu Works?  Solutions  Advantages  Conclusion  Contact
  3. 3. Modern restaurants faces various problems for the management process. Thanks to the latest technology which has helped to come over such mismanagement. Restaurant Management System is basically a software that makes order management hassle free.
  4. 4.  Taking orders through notes on paper is old edge method.
  5. 5.  Consolidation:: Through this way it is not possible to consolidate orders for common item.  Smart Work:: It is not possible to save energy and time during cooking in the kitchen.  Writing Errors:: To err is human. While writing one may spell incorrect or font may not be readable.
  6. 6. Below solution are developed in order to smoothen ordering process at various stages. 1 CUSTOMER APP 2 WAITER FLY 3 KITCHEN INTERFACE 4 FRONT DESK 5 BACK OFFICE READ MORE DETAILS ON HTTP://WWW.FOODITTER.COM/RESTAURANT- ORDERING-SYSTEMS/
  7. 7.  Easy to use  Fully Customization  Time & Energy Saving  Order Consolidation  Robust Restaurant Management  Sustainable
  8. 8. Digital restaurant menu app can offer more useful information on each item, including nutritional facts, special pricing & promotional offers .