Forensic services at BB


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An outline of the forensic services offered by bennettbrooks

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Forensic services at BB

  1. 1. forensic services
  2. 2. We really canmake a difference.“Our forensic team adds to the comprehensive supportservices that we provide for the legal sector. We prideourselves in creating the service solutions that you andyour clients need. That means we put ourselves in yourshoes to look at how we can deliver you a service thatwill exceed your expectations.”Yvonne Wood, Managing DirectorEvery business is only as good as thepeople who work there. It’s all well andgood having a customer-first philosophy,but if the team is not fully committed to theethos it won’t work for you. We genuinelybelieve that the continual stream of businessrecommendations and testimonials wereceive, prove that we get it right. Free Workshops We run free workshops providing quick advice to help progress your troublesome“Our new clinic sessions have had great feedback. We cases.will visit your office and hold a free consultation with Call us today on 0845 330 3200 for ayour case handlers to help get your cases moving. We presentation to your whole team which wedemonstrate how easy and straight forward we are to can tailor to your with, and with great rates we aim to be the peopleyou call first when a complex case arises, or even justfor litigation support with scheduling.”Andrew Davies, Associate Director
  3. 3. The sum is bigger We really can make than the parts a difference Our Areas of Expertise include: Forensic and Litigation Support Services. Personal injury/Clinical negligence Need extra staff for those busy times? Fatal accident claims We have experienced resources quickly available to prepare your schedules of special Loss of earnings and benefits damages; reducing the demands on your people; progressing your cases quicker. Schedules of special damages Our objective is to increase your profitability, Loss of pension rights and tax relief so why not outsource the preparation of schedules to us? Criminal Fraud Investigations Confiscation orders Here is a list of advantages • Extra capacity, freeing you and other key Matrimonial members of staff to focus on the mattersValuation of businesses and unquoted shares of law in your cases. Evaluation of financial standing • Competitive rates. You can bill out our fees (per Grade 3 fee earners) and improve profits on your cases. Commercial • Peace of mind, knowing you are dealing Partnership disputes with an experienced team, and a specific Business and Share Valuations turn around promise, we won’t let you down on. • No prior approval needed. Court’s Insurance Claims prior approval is not needed as you Claims evaluation are not appointing an expert. We prepare schedules on your behalf and in Investigation of fraudulent claims accordance with your instructions. Loss of profit / consequential loss • Excellent credit terms, we only require payment after 12 months or when the Professional Negligence Claims case settles, whichever is sooner. Forensic reports in respect of the above specialisms can be prepared on a party appointed or single expert basis.
  4. 4. hope we have given you a flavour of our ForensicAccountancy services.We know that providing full and comprehensive servicesmeans our clients get the specialist expert advice theyneed in one place and from people they trust. Our legalsector industry specialisms are outlined below:Industry SpecialismsAccountancy and Tax ServicesCorporate Finance and Financial PlanningQuality Assurance and ConsultancyForensic Services and Litigation SupportWe have offices in the following locations:London, Northwich, Bromborough, Macclesfield & MoldIf you’d like to find out more about the outstanding serviceand style that is Bennett Brooks just give us a call on0845 330 3200or visit our website