The Future of the Internet


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A brief presentation of what we can expect from the future of the internet.

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The Future of the Internet

  1. 1. httpderekbelt.files.wordpress.com201106the-future-of-the-internet1.jpg
  2. 2. Internet History• 1969• U.S. Research Project• Cold war• Communications Network 2008/09/ g
  3. 3.
  4. 4. • Confusion• How can we predict the future?• Where do we go from here?• Is there anything hc1qh6ses.jpg we can say for certain?
  5. 5. • One thing we can safely predict!• Room for improvement• 24th of 27 in the EU• Average speeds 10.62 mbps• Rural areas hit hardest
  6. 6.  A National Broadband Plan for Ireland• August 2012 Pat Rabitte T.D.• 70Mbps - 100Mbps to more than half of the population by 2015;• At least 40Mbps, and in many cases much faster speeds, to at least a further 20% of the population and potentially as much as 35% around smaller towns and villages• A minimum of 30Mbps for every remaining home and business in the country – no matter how rural or remote
  7. 7.• All well and good• Expect much faster• Current record stands at 100 petabits per second!• That’s 100 billion megabits per second!!!!!• PirateBay will be overrun.
  8. 8.  The Web is Dead, long live the Internet!
  9. 9.  There’s an app for that!• An article by Wired magazine suggests that usage of the ‘open web’ is in decline.• Instead of someone opening their laptop, searching Google and entering various URLs they will instead use an application or piece of software which will get the job done much quicker.
  10. 10.  Death to the Internet as we know it? • Are we seeing a new type of Internet? • Will this actually happen? • Many experts predict it will, while others only partially dismiss the idea! ath_appeared_pic_funny_by_creepypasta81691- d51rphy.png
  11. 11. • Newspapers are becoming redundant.• Why go to the shop, buy a large newspaper when you can just download it to your computer from the comfort of your home!• Even television is being harmed.• YouTube and twitter are making news much more easy to access and they are much more up to date! ng_internet_card- p137270560628192801envwi_400.jpg
  12. 12.  Its not only newspapers which are being affected. Game and record companies are being severely hit as well. Companies like Netflix are putting video rental stores out of business, while piracy on the internet is also causing stores like HMV to shut shop.
  13. 13. • With the development of the Internet, piracy is becoming easier to commit (something which most students won’t really mind)• It is a serious problem though as many stores will close in the future.• How can they compete when they’re products are available for free online?
  14. 14.  While there are goods for which one has to pay, piracy will always be present. I don’t see it ceasing in the future of the Internet but it looks like some solution to it or compromise must by obtained Sites like the Pirate Bay are making it more accessible and with the introduction of magnet links slightly more legal!
  15. 15. • With the problem of piracy comes one of it’s proposed solutions…Censorship.• However this has been met with much opposition• Bills such as SOPA and ACTA have been abolished but people will always try to enforce some form of censorship.
  16. 16.  Censorship will be in a constant struggle with Internet opponents and activists. It is difficult to tell how far censorship will go in the future
  17. 17.  Will we live in a dystopian future where all of our actions and voices are monitored? Big Brother? End of free speech!
  18. 18.  Governments around the world are working on ways to make Internet communications easier to monitor Costs are a fraction of what they were 10 years ago and are continuing to fall at an increased pace Soon governments will have the technology and money to monitor every Facebook message sent or Skype call taken! Dystopia-480px1.jpg
  19. 19.  The Internet has advanced so much since its conception How is it possible to realistically predict how it will evolve from now on. The concepts of YouTube or Facebook did not exist 20 years ago so what is yet to come may be something which we can’t even possibly imagine We’ll just have to wait and see!
  20. 20.  Feel free to consult Google if you have any questions!@TheJulianKelly