Apuntes prezi.


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Apuntes prezi.

  1. 1. Hello, I am going to talk about the Royal Spanish Swimming Federation, Real federación española de natación in Spanish. This RFEN is the organization that takes over the aquatic sports in Spain; it is formed by all the members of swimming sports of Spain, Sports associations, athletes, judges and referees. It is also member of the International Swimming Federation. It represents Spain in official championships and it also organized the tournaments hold in our country and chooses who athletes are going to participate in the different events. Now, we are going to see what sports are competences of the Spanish Federation. *THE OPEN WATER SWIMMING: It takes place in a outdoor bodies of water such as lakes or seas, in Olympic events, it could be of 5, 10 or 25 kilometers. *SWIMMING: It is one of the most important, the classical swimming in indoors pools, the RFEN is handle of prepare and select monitors and professionals. *SYNCHRONIZED SWIMMING: It is a mixed with dance and gymnastic over and under the water. Female Spanish team is one of the best in the world. *WATERPOLO: A team sport with 6 player playing in a swimming pool, it is known as water handball. Female Spanish team won the silver medal in London 2012. And the gold medal in the world championship in Barcelona, 2013 *DIVING JUMPING: It is the sport of jumping and falling into the water from a platform or a springboard. This is all, thank for your attention.