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Chef-NYC Announcements July 2014


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Announcements from Chef-NYC meetup July 2014.

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Chef-NYC Announcements July 2014

  1. 1. Chef-NYC Meetup July 2014 Announcements
  2. 2. ChefDK 0.2.0 Released 'cause you can burn up your laptop compiling gecode, ya know • Now with Windows support! • In the box: • ChefSpec • Rubocop • Foodcritic • Spork • And of course, Chef • New generator commands
  3. 3. Chef & PowerShell DSC Prototype Released • Get it today: • "MVP" for DSC integration • Once refined, this will make it into Chef core • Video: Jeffrey Snover from MSFT and Adam Edwards from Chef on DSC, Powershell, Services for UNIX (!) •
  4. 4. Docker Containers Support Released • • knife container: Make containers using Chef recipes instead of Dockerfiles • chef-init/chef-container: Special Chef client for your containers, root of the process supervision tree • Demo video: FQ
  5. 5. Community Site Improvements • Supermarket replaces • Supermarket replaces as a /universe endpoint • Chef Cookbooks project now fully uses GitHub issues/PRs; no more JIRA! • We plan to open source the parts needed to run your own Supermarket soon • And authenticate against your Enterprise Chef server •
  6. 6. Now for James Casey Chef Analytics presentation