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Chef on AIX


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Using Chef on AIX - presentation at CfgMgmtCamp 2016

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Chef on AIX

  1. 1. Chef on AIX Julian Dunn – Product Manager, Chef Software, Inc.
  2. 2. Agenda • Motivations • Technical challenges • Platform quirks • Community developments • Test Kitchen support • Resources / Questions
  3. 3. Motivations behind the Chef Client port to AIX • Many legacy deployments that work fine – 1000’s of LPARs not uncommon • Automate & avoid drift – stop using SMIT/manual operations • Abstract OS for easier porting to other OSes (primarily Linux)
  4. 4. Technical Challenges • Low/no familiarity with platform, hardware architecture, setup • XLC - proprietary compiler • Can’t depend on GNU-isms – bootstrap systems from scratch • No real package manager • Two init systems • Virtualization features are sometimes cool, sometimes not
  5. 5. Platform quirks and specific features • All core Chef resources work out of the box on AIX • Special resources in core: bff_package service – need to specify whether Init or SRC, and some actions don’t work • More specific AIX resources in aix library cookbook: Manage inittab Manage rc.tcpip services Manage inted.conf services Change device attributes Change network tunables And more…
  6. 6. Community Developments • Contributed many custom resources to aix cookbook • Overhauled Ohai data in AIX • Blog posts about how to patch AIX systems using Chef
  7. 7. Knife and Test Kitchen support • All internal projects at Chef for now knife-lpar kitchen-lpar knife-wpar kitchen-wpar • Come see me if interested in working on the latter two • Demo
  8. 8. Future work • Q1 Other POWER platform support – BE and LE Linux (Ubuntu and RHEL 7) Chef Server on POWER • Q2 Chef Client for Linux on System/z • Run by Chef Partner Engineering department; contact for early betas
  9. 9. Resources • AIX Cookbook • Chef Automation using AIX – Benoît Creau • IBM Power Development Program – short term LPAR rental development-platform • SiteOx – longer-term AIX LPAR/WPAR/HMC rentals
  10. 10. Questions?