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Chef and PowerShell Desired State Configuration


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Chef and PowerShell DSC deck from Microsoft TechEd 2014.

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Chef and PowerShell Desired State Configuration

  1. 1. Chef and PowerShell DSC Microsoft TechEd 2014 Julian Dunn Senior Consultant, Chef May 12, 2014
  2. 2. Chef: Infrastructure as Code • Declarative (like PowerShell DSC) • Cross-platform • Rich toolchain and testing ecosystem • Use cases: • Configuration Management • Application Deployment • Continuous Delivery windows_feature 'Web-Server' do action :install end package 'httpd' do action :install end
  3. 3. Use PowerShell DSC Resources in Chef include_dsc 'WindowsFeature' dsc_windowsfeature 'iis' do dsc_name 'Web-Server' dsc_ensure 'Present' end Corresponds to DSC Resource Name Native Chef resource syntax with mapping rules to avoid reserved words in Chef language (dsc_ prefix)
  4. 4. Mix and Match Chef Native Resources & DSC dsc_windowsfeature 'iis' do dsc_name 'Web-Server' dsc_ensure 'Present' end iis_pool 'FourthCoffee' do runtime_version "4.0" action :add end DSC Resource Non-DSC Chef Resource
  5. 5. Monitoring and Run Status Integration
  6. 6. Overall Infrastructure Status
  7. 7. Chef, Windows, PowerShell DSC and Azure • PowerShell DSC native support shipping soon (2014 Q2/Q3 target) • Native Azure portal integration • 3 Microsoft Chef Cookbooks • Technical docs maintained by Chef • Highlighted at //Build & ChefConf • Come visit us in booth 747!
  8. 8. Thank You Chef is in booth 747 in the main exhibit hall