WebDT Digital Signage Solution by DT Research


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WebDT Digital Signage Solution by DT Research

  1. 1.       CCoommppaannyy  PPrrooffiillee                               Who we are DT Research, Inc. (DTR) with headquarters in San Jose, California develops and manufactures information appliances including digital signage solutions, mobile tablets, and thin clients for vertical markets. From the heart of the Silicon Valley USA, to engineering centers in Asia, experienced DT Research teams leverage software and hardware integration expertise in implementing technological advances for DT Research’s compelling WebDT Digital Signage Solution. Our Products and Services DT Research offers a wide selection of signage appliances based on robust yet aggressive configurations and platforms under the WebDT family. WebDT Content Manager software is one of the primary components in the comprehensive WebDT Signage System. The web-based server software provides central management of WebDT signage devices as media players, and automates the design and distribution of a wide variety of multi-media file formats into playlists. With the powerful yet intuitive WebDT Content Manager, the message to be played can be easily assembled, scheduled, and delivered for dynamic playback over a network of digital signage appliances using standard file formats and protocols. We Work With DT Research supports qualified distributors and resellers worldwide in offering WebDT products for applications over a wide range of markets, including education, retail, healthcare, manufacturing, transportation, and finance. Why DT Research DT Research boasts engineering and production teams, technical support, and distribution partners in key locations worldwide. The result is the ability to offer cutting-edge products that are efficient in both cost and deployment. The WebDT solutions are characterized by aggressive hardware and reliable software, and DT Research is the proven partner of choice for digital signage systems solutions.
  2. 2.       TToopp RReeaassoonnss ttoo cchhoooossee WWeebbDDTT DDiiggiittaall SSiiggnnaaggee SSoolluuttiioonn Realize scalability, customizability via simple interface  Hardware & Software from one company – pre-integrated for guaranteed compatibility.  Leading multi-screen solution with frame-based synchronization across multiple screens. Smart multi-screen layout design tool to control up to 16 screens and 16 media zones.  Complete remote management and update functionalities – Minimize onsite maintenance. Take control from any location.  Support not only a wide variety of media, but also real-time video, power point files, live video, and remotely launchable .exe files.  Provide software development kit (SDK) for third party developers to integrate with other programs and applications.  Experience with installing thousands of high-definition digital signage players for a single project. Your committed and trusted partner for large-scale digital signage deployments.    
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