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Petukhova karina 11a

  1. 1. Prepared: student 11-A the class of Petukhova Karina. 2014
  2. 2. Vinogradivskiy a lock is in town Vinogradiv, based on a right ripa Tisi (influx of Danube). In quality a place for building of fortifications the rocky terrace of the Black mountain («asleep» volcano, 656 meters above a sea level) which is on the east fence surrounding village of city was select.
  3. 3. On this time the considerable fragments of strengthening of the north-eastern Articulata wall were better in all saved in Vinogradivskomu of lock — it is here possible to see ruins of two towers with the stored loop- holes, part of which during one of re-erecting of roztesano in windows.
  4. 4. Kirilivsku a church was built in 1139 on the distant fence surrounding village of ancient Kyiv — Dorogozhichakh. A founder of church is the Tchernihiv prince Vsevolod Ol'govich, at christening he took the name Kyrylo.
  5. 5. The walls of Kirilivskoy of church are covered painting — frescos XII st., exposed from under oily records, by the separate fragments of the tempernogo painting of the XVII item and oily works of the XIX item on areas, wherever frescos were saved.
  6. 6. This unique lock is one of most valuable architectonically historical sights of XIV- XVII of ages. And the beautiful name of «Palanok» a lock is under an obligation to infixed round him in the deep aquatic ditch of chastokolu-palanku.
  7. 7. In the Mukachivskomu lock it is possible to see the restored medieval fortification architecture, ancient courts and galleries, with the exhibitions of modern sculpture. A mukachivskiy lock is more frequent all named Lock of Palanok.
  8. 8. An andriivska church is a barokova church of Sv. Andrey in Kyiv, built in 1744–1767 on the project of architect Bartolomeo Rastrelli on the Andriivskiy mountain in memory of visits of Kyiv by an empress by Yelyzaveta by Petro.
  9. 9. An andriivska church is presented an odnokupol'nim temple with p’yatiglavim completion which has a form of cross. In the corners of cross decorative towers are placed on massive posts which act part original buttresses. Outwardly buttresses are decorated wall piers and covered three pair of columns with caps a korinfskogo warrant.
  10. 10. House with chimeras — brick building with decorations on mythological and huntings subjects is main architectural building of early decorative modernu in Kyiv.
  11. 11. The facades of House with chimeras are decorated with the characteristic for modernu use of different styles. A house with chimeras got in people such name due to sculptural decorations on mythological and hunting subjects on a fronton.
  12. 12. Botanical garden the name of an academician Oleksandr Fomina the Kievan national university the name of Tarasa Shevchenko — founded in 1839 year — is one of the oldest botanical establishments of Ukraine. It is research, educational, educational, nature protection establishment
  13. 13. A general area of garden is 22,5 hectares. In collections of the Botanical garden the name of an academician Oleksandr Fomina about 10 000 kinds, forms and sorts of different plants, are counted.
  14. 14.