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Misura nick 9 b


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Published in: Education
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Misura nick 9 b

  1. 1. PROMOTER student prepared 9-B class Misyura Nikolai
  2. 2.  Promoter-the person or group of persons, which is engaged in purposeful advertising product to promote it on the market. They are also hired advertising agents participating in BTL-actions.
  3. 3. Requirements for promoters  Most promoters are persons aged 18 to 30 years. Most often it is students who are learning, but is free time. After all that work the promoter does not necessarily have a college degree. At work, you need 3-4 hours a day. Although there are promoters who work and 8 hours per day.  Before starting work, future promoters are trained in sales techniques, basics of communication skills, sales promotion theory, effective communication, psychology, consumers, development actors' skills.
  4. 4. Salary promoters  Salary promoter depends on the type of activity performed. More make boys and girls with model looks, because such people more readily communicate. Also higher valued work of promoters in the evening and night. Artists, animators and students of theater universities are among the highest paid promoters. Average promoters earn per hour 180 - 600 rubles.
  5. 5.  Type of work you can perform promoters :  1-Distribution of leaflets advertising , test samples ;  2-tasting and testing products;  3-Consultations about the service or product ;  4-Conducting social. surveys , questionnaires ,  5-Provision for buying gifts;  6-Conducting presentations at conferences or exhibitions;  7-Filling pauses (their organization) that appear at conferences or exhibitions;  8-Hold contests , lotteries , raffles prizes;  9-Exchange of goods of another's products ( competitor) for their goods ;  10-Measures massive scale : holiday show, moves to promote the company.