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Kazka ivant

  2. 2. Intimidation and persecution can accept different forms:  Physical harm, for example, beating, pushing.  Emotional harm, for example, a mockery above that, how a child behaves, looks, speaks. Writing of offensive things in me lakh or on-line magazines (bleach) also considered intimidation and persecution. Girls more frequent feel like emotional intimidation. Boys use emotional and physical intimidation often. For example:  Girls can form a group and exclude from it some girl or tittle-tattle about it.  A boy can push other boy and give him nicknames.
  3. 3. Bullying - it is the variety of violence and, in same queue, also can be expressed variously, I.e. has the kinds 1. Bullying at school; 2. Bullying in the workplace; 3. Cyberbullying (violence is in informative space). Shows up: 1. It is an aggressive and negative conduct. 2. It is carried out regularly. 3. It takes place in relations the participants of which possess different power. 4. This conduct is intentional.
  4. 4. Why is it important to halt intimidation and persecution from the side of class-mates? Intimidation and persecution is a very serious problem for all children involved herein. They can be afraid or not want to go to school.
  5. 5. What are children which tease and intimidate other?  Children which intimidate and tease other often welldeveloped physically. It can them be liked to be teased because they like to feel force. It is ordinary children which do not think, before to do something, children which do not observe a rule. These boys and girls were not taught to be considered senses other.
  6. 6. That can you do, that to stop intimidation and violence? 1. You are not quiet, when they see that someone is teased. Can help, if you say a sort of will "Stop. It is not funny". If you are too terrible or heavily, go away and say about what be going on to adult. 2. If someone sends to you mail with insults other, do not send him. Unseal this letter and show to the adults.