Great Britain (Yuliya Kharchenko)


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Great Britain (Yuliya Kharchenko)

  1. 1.  The UK consists of four main parts which are: England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. Their capitals are London, Edinburgh, Cardiff and Belfast.
  2. 2. English is not theonly language whichpeople use in the UK.English is the officiallanguage. But somepeople speak Gaelicin western Scotland,Welsh – in parts ofnorthern and centralWales.
  3. 3. The flag of the UnitedKingdom, known as theUnion Jack, is made upof three crosses. Theupright red cross is thecross of St. George, thepatron saint of England.The white diagonalcross is the cross of St.Andrew, the patronsaint of Scotland. Thered diagonal cross is thecross of St. Patrick, thepatron saint of Ireland.
  4. 4. Is the largest,the industrialand most denselypopulated partof the UnitedKingdom.
  5. 5. There are many rivers inEngland. The longest isthe Thames. England ismostly a lowlandcountry.In Southern England arefound some of the oldestBritish settlements andtraces of ancientmonuments such asStonehenge.
  6. 6.  Over 46 million people of the population of the UK live in England. The greatest concentrations of population are in London, Birmingham and northwest industrial cities.
  7. 7.  The coasts of England are washed by the North Sea, the Irish Sea, the English Channel, the Strait of Dover. Fishing has always been an important industry in the east.
  8. 8. Scotland is divided intothree regions: theHighlands, which is themost northern and themost under populatedarea with a harsh climate,the Lowlands, which isthe most industrial regionand the SouthernUplands, with hills, whichborder on England.
  9. 9. Thistle – чертополох (национальнаяэмблема Шотландии, а также эмблема Эдинбургского фестиваля)
  10. 10. The Highlands ofScotland are among theoldest mountains in theworld. They reachtheir highest point inBen Nevis (1343 m).Many valleys betweenthe hills are filled withlakes, called lochs.The best-known is LochNess where somepeople think a largemonster lives.
  11. 11. One of the thingsthat people associatewith Scotland is thekilt.The kilt is a relic ofthe time when theclan system existedin the Highlands.Each clan had its owntartan.
  12. 12. Edinburgh has beenthe capital since the15th century.Edinburgh is thecultural center ofScotland.Edinburgh isassociated with thenames of GeorgeGordon Byron,Walter Scott, RobertBurns.
  13. 13. Wales became partof England in 1536 bythe Act of Union.The Welsh call theircountry Cymru,themselves they callCymry, a word whichhas the same root as„comrader‟(friend)
  14. 14. Wales is a highlandcountry of old, hardrocks. North Wales isa country of mountainsand deep valleys.South Wales is a landof high hill and widevalleys.The pride of Wales inscenery is Snowdonia,a region of highmountains.
  15. 15. Wales has its own flagcalled the welshdragon.Eisteddfod is a festivalof Welsh culture.It includes competitionsin prose, poetry andsinging.
  16. 16. Northern Irelandis the smallestcomponent of theUnited Kingdom.Its capital city isBelfast.
  17. 17. For seven centuriesIreland was a colony ofBritain. Irish poets putit in a different waywhen they call Ireland“the Emerald Isle”Lough Neagh is thelargest lake in theBritish Isle. The riversof Ireland are short,but deep.
  18. 18. London is the capitalcity of England and the United Kingdom. London is situatedupon both banks of theRiver Thames. It is the largest city in Britainand one of the largest in the world. Its population is about 7 million people.
  19. 19. The best-known streetshere are Whitehallwith importantGovernment offices,Downing Street, theLondon residence ofthe Prime Minister andthe place where theCabinet meets, FleetStreet where mostnewspapers have theiroffices, Harley Streetwhere the highest-paiddoctors live.
  20. 20. Beefeaters – Бифитер Raven – ворон.прозвище дворцовой стражиили стражниковлондонского Тауэра.Tower of London –Тауэр это стариннаякрепость на берегу рекиТемзы в Лондоне. В разноевремя была королевскойрезиденцией, в ней хранятсякоролевские реалии.Строительство было начатов 11 веке ВильгельмомЗавоевателем.