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Digital Technology Skills Developement


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Published in: Business, Technology
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Digital Technology Skills Developement

  1. 1. Skills Development ofDigital Technology in the making of our Documentary
  2. 2. Our A2 TaskFor my A2 coursework I was asked to produce a 5 minute documentary, mine was a social documentary on being a student in 2011. This was aimed at students as a primary audience and there would be a secondary audience of teachers, parents and the general public interested in the financial pressures of being a student in today’s society. Our documentary focuses on University Fee increase, EMA cuts and poor job prospect for students.
  3. 3. Apple Mac SoftwareWe used a variety of different technologies such as the software on the Apple Mac computer’s, including comic life and final cut express. We used comic life to storyboard the 5 separate minutes of our documentary. We developed the skill to create a nice layout in comic life and to be able to directly import our images from our documentary into the boxes and to annotate what music or voice-over would be playing over what footage.We then used final cut express which was vital or our documentary, I developed my digital skills a lot with this as I learnt how to add transitions easily from effects, I also learnt how to put sound on the line underneath the footage to make it play at the same time, how to put captions over the top of images and how to cut my footage with the cutter tool to make it the desired length. Another skill I developed was the ability to create fade’s in and fades out with the pointer tool which you can drag down to create fades on the footage you want.
  4. 4. Video camera and Stills CameraThis was technology which I could have definitely have improved my skills more in. For using the video camera we tested out different shot types to enable us to create variety within our documentary to engage the audience. We experimented with long shots, close-ups, mid shots and high angle shots, this worked really well and I developed this digital skill well. I also developed the skill of being able to zoom in and out of shots whilst I was recording the footage which was a good digital skill to add variety into our documenatry.However, the video camera came with a tripod which we should have practiced a lot more with because upon viewing our footage I realised that some of it was very jerky and would have been quite inappropriate to put into our documentary. Also we could have perhaps experimented more with the mise en scene in our shots to make it more professional.
  5. 5. Headphones and MicrophoneWe used headphones and microphones to intensify the sounds of the interviews so that people would be able to hear clearly in our documentary what the experts and the students were talking about and enable the audience to hear important opinions and viewpoints. I developed my skills with this by being able to listen whilst we were recording and to pick out any mistakes that may have been made during. However we could have
  6. 6. The BlogThe blog was a very good development of digital technology, I had never used a blog before and it was interesting to learn how to put images onto the blog by simply clicking on the image symbol and how to upload a video onto the blog by clicking the video button. It was also really simple to add hyperlinks and add in other software such as flicker and scribd. This technology enabled us to view each other’s work and to work as a group more effectively. We could edit our posts and also find out how many posts each member of our group had created.