Slot Casino Brief From Antarasoft Eng New


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Slot Casino Brief From Antarasoft Eng New

  1. 1. Call us today: +38 066 564 1352 +38 066 833 3888 The best and perfect embodiment of all traditions and innovations in the entertainment industry for gaming machines and emulators. We offer you what you can not find neither famous nor a new game producers. AntaraSoft Company is pleased to present gaming system Slot Casino: • Gaming System Slot Casino compatible with Windows and Linux; • A library of games include slot games that are based on thefact that use continued popularity of traditional casinos and gambling halls; • The system includes the following games: Aztec gold, Fruit cocktail, Bananas go Bahamas, Garage, Champagne Party,Dolphins Dices, Egyptian Dreams, Gnome, Fairy Land, Resident, Lucky Haunter, Crazy Monkey, Lucky Drink, Book of Ra.©AntaraSoft LLC Page 1
  2. 2. Call us today: +38 066 564 1352 +38 066 833 3888 System Benefits for partners: • Updated library of games, enjoying continued popularity among players of the CIS countries and abroad; • Configurable limit on the maximum bet per line, 10, 20, 30 loans and so on; • Separate control of the maximum gain on the reels, and double bonus games; • Maximum Security - a winning combination is calculated server, which can be anywhere out of reach of swindlers; • Split-level control maximum win on the reels, games, and the double bonus games; • Can be installed on a gaming terminal of all the games at a time; • Gameplay takes place on a remote server; • Reliable data transmission via a secure protocol; • Safe handling and storage; • Automatic cooling recovery of all data on the gaming terminal in the case of loss of communication with the server ; • A wide range of denominations, customizable for each terminal; • Advanced algorithms encourage the player in case of loss; • Availability of technical support system. Advantages of the system for users: • Extensive library of familiar games; • Games are adapted to the mentality of the players; • Well familiar subjects and algorithm of game; • Excellent computer graphics;©AntaraSoft LLC Page 2
  3. 3. Call us today: +38 066 564 1352 +38 066 833 3888 The main characteristics of our software: Software product Characteristic Developed and implemented During the development stage Type Multi selector game with games, a minimum of 15 games Playing Field 5 reels 6 reels 3 rows of symbols 5 rows of symbols Number of lines Up to 25 (adjusts) Up to 50 (adjusts) The maximum bet Unlimited (adjusts) per line Jackpot Accumulative Network Doubling 4 standard games: - Red - Black - Suits - more - less - Bones Limiting the Separately for each type of payoff (the maximum gain value specified settings): - Reels - Doubling - Bonus Game Payouts Combination from 2 up to 8 characters, any number, variable Distribution of Adjustable ratio of large, medium and winnings small gains Bonuses Set (up to 3 in 1 game): - Free scrolling reels - 1-2 specific bonus for each game depending on the set of games Wild symbols Up to 3 characters, customizable: up to 5 rules for each character Statistics 1. Log of work (the last 500 events- configurable): - on / off - mechanical sensors - set / unset - the combinations - Name and outcome of the game for bonus points and doubling - other events 2. General statistics, counters, Cash collection statistics Interface Graphic supercharged, 14 buttons, at©AntaraSoft LLC Page 3
  4. 4. Call us today: +38 066 564 1352 +38 066 833 3888 least 1024x768 pixels. One Monitor Soundtrack - Stereo Platform Windows, UNIX(Linux) The functionality of the implementation phase: • Billing System access, which would provide full legitimacy of the work; • The system of network progressive Jackpots; • The possibility for owner of the hall watch the all statistics for each of the terminal room, game; • Commit all transactions in cash and a daily report in electronic form via e-mail messages with a POS-terminal (Point of Sale - terminal for reception hall).©AntaraSoft LLC Page 4