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Summer Courses 2016: Summer Prep Courses


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ummer is a great time to get ahead for the next year’s courses or to catch up from the previous school year. Instead of your children wasting their summer playing video games, spend the summer hours productively, building their skills and preparing for the challenges of the next year.
Find a balance between vacation and edification to truly bask in all summer has to offer!
Let’s take a look at the College Prep Courses we will be offering this summer.

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Summer Courses 2016: Summer Prep Courses

  1. 1. Summer COurses 2016: College Prep Classes Oxford Tutoring
  2. 2. How are your children going to spend their summer? Maintain Your child’s skills In Math, Science, Reading, or Writing
  3. 3. Explore A new Skill Such as Speech and Debate, Python Programming or Web Design
  4. 4. Discover Hands-on learning with science explorers or build a computer classes
  5. 5. ensure Your child completes Required Summer Reading
  6. 6. Prepare For college entrance With Essay Writing and SAT or ACT Prep
  7. 7. Get ready for College! College Prep COurses ACT and SAT Prep Essay and Personal statement help
  8. 8. Designed for students Preparing for Higher Education
  9. 9. “College Prep Courses focus on essential concepts in a hands-on, exploratory manner.
  10. 10. HIgh Stakes Writing Course For GRades 10-12 In this course, students learn how to write memorable and commanding personal and timed essays.
  11. 11. High Stakes Writing The first half of the class with focus on ACT and SAT essays. The second half focuses on personal statements for college applications.
  12. 12. High Stakes Writing While the second half Focuses on personal statements for college applications.
  13. 13. PSAT (Grades 8-10) Students in 8th-10th grade should begin preparing for the newly formatted SAT.
  14. 14. PSAT Instruction Is designed to build upon studies already addressed in the classroom.
  15. 15. Provides Extended Instruction in preparation for the upcoming sat.
  16. 16. SAT and ACT For grades 11-12, Oxford’s SAT and ACT courses are demanding programs for students committed to raising their scores over the summer.
  17. 17. SAT and ACT Courses There are two courses options for the SAT and ACT. Enroll in the course that correlates with your student’s goals. MAGNA COURSE Designed for students of all levels and guarantees a significant score improvement: Typically 200 points for the SAT And 4 points for the ACT. SUMMA COURSE Created for highly motivated students of advanced levels and guarantees a top score: 1400 or more for the SAT And 30 or more for the ACT. Enrolled students interested in additional sessions in a private tutoring setting may purchase sessions at a discounted rate. This template is free to use under Creative Commons Attribution license. If you use the graphic assets (photos, icons and typographies) provided with this presentation you must keep the Credits slide.
  18. 18. Discounts ▸ Enroll for a summer course by May 15 and get 15% off! ▸ Refer a friend and you will each receive 25% off the course fee.
  19. 19. Check Back in with us Next week to learn more about our Summer Enrichment Courses!
  20. 20. Call us today To enroll in summer courses! (949) 681-0388
  21. 21. See our full Schedule here! Oxford Tutoring
  22. 22. Credits Special thanks to all the people who made and released these awesome resources for free: ▸ Presentation template by SlidesCarnival ▸ Photographs by Unsplash ▸ Paper backgrounds by SubtlePatterns