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Effects of Quantum Dots on Zebrafish Development


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This presentation for a biology laboratory component tested the effects of quantum dots (which I synthesized while researching in the American University Department of Chemistry) on developing zebrafish.

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Effects of Quantum Dots on Zebrafish Development

  1. 1. The Effects of Quantum Dots on Zebrafish Development Monica Lovell and Julia MacDougall BIO-210-004 March 26th , 2014
  2. 2. Purpose • This experiment set out to determine how Zinc and Manganese-Doped Quantum Dots affected the embryogenesis of zebrafish.
  3. 3. Hypothesis and Prediction • Hypothesis: Because quantum dots are designed to be used in live animals, it should be safe for zebrafish to grow and develop in water containing quantum dots. • Prediction: If zebrafish are grown in three different concentrations of quantum, all three samples should develop normally in the same manner.
  4. 4. Experimental Design • Prepare three solutions of quantum dots: one control solution of just water, one of the low (0.05 mg/mL) concentration, and one of the high (0.5 mg/mL) concentration. • Track how zebrafish develop, focusing on morphology, size, and mortality. • Preserve two/three fish on day 14 in order to further examine develpment.
  5. 5. Use of Quantum Dots • Quantum dots are used to track and image changes in development, so they should not be toxic (Rieger, Kulkarni, Darcy, Fraser, Koster, 2005) • Microangiography
  6. 6. Initial Observations Quantum Dot Concentration Number Dead, Number Alive Control 0 Dead, 20 Alive Low 0 Dead, 20 Alive High 0 Dead, 20 Alive
  7. 7. Day 4
  8. 8. Day 4 Observations Quantum Dot Concentration Number Dead, Number Alive Control 3 dead, 17 alive Low 6 dead, 14 alive High 3 dead, 17 alive
  9. 9. Day 7
  10. 10. Day 7 Observations QD Concentration Number Dead, Number Preserved, Total Alive Tail Length Eye Diameter Diameter of Yolk Area Control 1 dead, preserved 2, 14 total alive 250 micrometers 20 micrometers 20 micrometers Low 1 dead, preserved 3, 10 total alive 207.5 micrometers 25 micrometers 25 micrometers High 0 dead, preserved 3, 14 total alive 250 micrometers 25 micrometers 45 micrometers
  11. 11. Day 14
  12. 12. Day 14- QD Fluorescence
  13. 13. Day 14- Fish Fluorescence
  14. 14. Day 14 Observations Concentration Number Dead, Number Alive Control 14 dead, 0 alive Low 8 dead, 2 alive High 14 dead, 0 alive
  15. 15. Success of the Lab-Made Quantum Dots The quantum dots made in the Hartings Lab have not yet been perfected. In studies, the zebrafish were injected with quantum dots. Our methods differed.
  16. 16. Improvements Feed the zebrafish Inject the zebrafish with quantum dots Perfect the quantum dot recipe
  17. 17. Conclusions Prediction and Hypothesis Supported or Nullified? Surprises Zebrafish Death Differences between concentrations
  18. 18. Works Cited • Rieger, S., Kulkarni, R.P., Darcy, D., Fraser, S.E., Koster, R.W. (2005). Quantum dots are powerful agents in zebrafish embryos. Developmental Dynamics 234:670-681. DOI10.1002/dvdy.20524