Magazine conventions


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Magazine conventions

  2. 2. Sky lineMasthead PuffCover lineAnchorage text Sell lines Skyline Barcode
  3. 3. The sky line summarises the magazine issue. The mast head is featured in the top third of the magazine . The magazine name stands out from the backdrop as white font with a small drop shadow is used. The word ‘film’ is emphasied more than total to let the audience know that it is a film magazine.The main image would appeal to both men andwomen.The positioning of character shows he isstrong, confident and edgy and he is positionedin front of the masthead showing he is importantbut also that the magazine is a recognizablebrand even when the name is covered. His face is positioned in the middle third onceagain showing that he is significant .He isdressed in armour and wearing a sheild and hisclothes give you an idea about at genre of film.Men idolise male characters that are oftenrepresented as isolated, as not needing to relyon others (the lone hero).Women would find him appealing and ‘eyecandy’ .
  4. 4. The colour palette is quite basic. Blackwhite red are used throughout keeping toa very traditional American theme. Thecolours also help the cover lookprofessional and sleek look.Skyline at bottom includes additionalinformation about what is included insidemagazine .It doesn’t go into to much detailand summarises other articles.The puff is used to gain readersattention. It uses a colourful starborder to keep to the America themebut also to make the puff stand outfrom the white masthead.The sell lines also summarise thearticles within the magazine. It providesmore information than the sky line andcan gratify the readers need forinformation .Different fonts are used todifferentiate the importance of differentpart of text .
  5. 5. Sky line MastheadSell lines Main image starPuff Coverline
  6. 6. The main thing that helps this magazine coverstand out is the colour scheme. Unlike othermagazines this magazine uses a strict colourscheme of red, white and black. It works well asthe main text like the masthead and cover linestand out from the main image and these arethe most important parts of the magazine andwhat will sell.The main image uses direct address anddraws in the readers attention and others asense of connection. The black and whiteedit matches with the issues theme anduses low key lighting .This represents thecharacter as powerful, mysterious andmenacing. It would appeal to womanbecause he is physically attractive and tomen as he is seen as apowerful, independent man.Same typography is used throughout cover.Capital letters are used throughout showing thatevery word is important.Cover line uses the second largest font on page.It informs the reader of what film the starfeatured in .
  7. 7. Sell lines are used to gratify the readerwith information. White font is used tokeep with the theme. Sell lines arepositioned on the right or left thirds ofthe page so focus is centered aroundthe character.Skyline uses red font to separate the selllines from the rest of the cover. Smalldots are used to separate each part ofinformation. They do not actually tell thereader what is featured in the magazineabout the films and by doing the readerwill then need to purchase the magazineto satisfying curiosity and generalinterest.Anchorage text below uses words likeboldest and coolest. They stand out andemphasize the popularity and excitementof the actual film.Puff advertises the magazine andfeatures images of ‘collectable’ issues.
  8. 8. Strap line Masthead Sell lines PuffMain image star Coverline Anchorage text
  9. 9. Main image star clothing hints atgenre. The man is dressed in thesame clothes that he would be wearingin the actual film. He is positioned inthe centre third once again showingconfidence and firmness representshim as a strong male figure.Masthead of Empire has the samefont, tracking and leading but alightning effect is used. This allowsthe reader to connect this to the plotof the story .It also can gratify thereaders excitement and help themescape from everyday life.The anchorage text hints at the plot ofIron Man 2. This advertises to the readerthat the magazine may include moreinformation and this could gratify them .Aborder is used to help the text stand outfrom the character .Iron Man 2 is the second largest font onthe page. It is the second most importantpart of information after the magazine
  10. 10. The magazine also like most magazines features a puff. ‘Ultimate’ is in black making it stand out from the other text. Ultimate also hints that this is a crucial, vital review that cannot be ignored. Skyline once again is positioned above masthead. The fonts is kept the same, only the colour of every other piece of information is changed. This helps separate each part and show that they are different important parts of information. The strap line below the anchorage text features images and text. The images are much smaller than the main image showing that the character once again is more important and the main feature ofThere is only one sell line on the magazine . this issue. By using images the reader canIt is positioned to the left of the character not link the text to an image that they maydrawing the attention away .’First look’ is more already know and gain a sense of securityimportant and summarises the information. Thetext underneath adds more detail to the article through knowledge. This is a conventionwithout giving to much away. commonly used in music magazines.