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  1. 1. Fraps 3.5.99 - 26th February, 2013 - Fixed counter not appearing in Aero desktop (DWM) and DX10 games after latest Windows Update Fraps 3.5.9 - 30th August, 2012 - Fixed crash when initiating loop recording - Fixed periodic stutter for some users during loop recording Fraps 3.5.8 - 22nd August, 2012 - Fixed Fixed Fixed Fixed intermittent crash recording from OpenGL games crash when unable to access sound device minor memory leak with Win7/Vista sound recording crash encountered by some users when ending a recording Fraps 3.5.7 - 14th August, 2012 - Fixed Fixed Fixed Fixed Other audio sync in long recordings for Windows XP users problem taking screenshots from DWM even with counter on screen 64-bit DirectX 11 games always being recorded in lossless RGB corruption in video when audio source set to 11.25kHz minor bug fixes Fraps 3.5.6 - 21st July, 2012 - Fixed microphone drifting out of sync in long recordings under Windows 7 & Vista - Fixed clipping with audio sources greater than 8 channels - Fixed audio from mono USB devices only appearing in left channel - Reduced latency of capture from external inputs Fraps 3.5.5 - 12th June, 2012 - Fixed black borders captured around GameMaker based games - Fixed crash in D3D10/11 video recording with 64-bit applications - Fixed scrambled colors saved with some 10-bit color modes Fraps 3.5.4 - 30th May, 2012 - Improved capture speed for D3D8 games - Fixed Max Payne 1 not recording when AA enabled - Fixed error when initializing DirectX on Windows 7 Fraps 3.5.3 - 27th May, 2012 - Fixed micro-stutter in recorded video after temporary framerate drop - Fixed missing video frames in some games after rendering paused - Fixed bug causing error message on startup for some users Fraps 3.5.2 - 20th May, 2012 - Fixed missing audio at end of long recordings - Fixed error preventing movie playback in Windows Media Player - Fixed screen freezing when starting video capture in Minecraft & other OpenGL
  2. 2. games - Fixed crash during video mode switch in DosBox Fraps 3.5.1 - 18th May, 2012 - Added support for exFAT drives writing larger than 4 Gigabytes - Fixed crash when large custom resolutions used in game Fraps 3.5.0 - 26th April, 2012 - Support for large AVI movie files (above 4 Gigabytes) on NTFS drives Added option to split AVIs at 4 Gigabytes for legacy AVI 1.0 support Fixed loop recording using large amounts of disk space for short clips Fixed benchmark logs not being saved if game was quit before benchmark ended Fixed View folder not opening window on some machines - NEW MINIMUM SYSTEM REQUIREMENTS: CPU with SSE2 required (Pentium 4 & above) - Windows 2000 is no longer supported (Windows XP & above) Fraps 3.4.7 - 22nd October, 2011 - Fixed recording rate being locked to a low multiple when Vsync enabled - Fixed unlocked recording speed after temporary slowdowns - Fixed Alt key interference with VMware/remote desktop applications Fraps 3.4.6 - 31st July, 2011 - Fixed Fixed Fixed Other overlay color in Fear 3 detection of IL2: Cliffs of Dover and Bloodline Champions counter appearing in Thunderbird and Pale Moon applications minor bug fixes Fraps 3.4.5 - 28th May, 2011 - Fixed some videos being recorded with scrambled colors Fraps 3.4.4 - 26th May, 2011 - Increased performance capturing Vista/Windows 7 aero desktop (DWM) Reduced memory footprint of Fraps process Fixed Fraps crash while idling on desktop Fixed gem glowing while recording The Dark Mod Fixed hotkeys not responding when simulated from autohotkey/macro apps Fixed graphic corruption in some OpenGL titles Fraps 3.4.3 - 12th May, 2011 - Improved DirectDraw capture speed Fixed recording crash on single CPU systems Fixed invalid colors/crashing recording from 16-bit color games Fixed corrupt/oversized AVIs being written at high resolutions Fixed Dirt not loading with Fraps running Other minor bug fixes and optimizations Fraps 3.4.2 - 14th April, 2011
  3. 3. - Improved OpenGL capture speed Fixed freeze when clicking on Minimize button Fixed GL state not being restored properly Fixed blank video showing in some AVIs Fraps 3.4.1 - 2nd April, 2011 - Fixed crash when starting Fraps for some users - Fixed hotkeys not being detected when modifier keys held - Fixed keys getting stuck when used by both the game and Fraps Fraps 3.4.0 - 29th March, 2011 - Added configurable buffer size for loop recording mode Increased video capture performance at high resolutions Fixed slow recording of Minecraft at default window size Fixed benchmark crashing when configured to stop automatically after 1 second Fraps 3.3.3 - 15th March, 2011 - Fixed mouse not responding in Ragnarok and some applications Fraps 3.3.2 - 9th March, 2011 - Added detection of mouse buttons (Mouse3, Mouse4 & Mouse5 can be used as hotkeys) - Added support for all Ctrl, Shift & Alt combinations for use with Fraps hotkeys Fraps 3.3.1 - 1st March, 2011 - Fixed Fraps not detecting Agrar Simulator 2011 and some D3D9Ex applications Fixed wrong capture dimensions for Fallout 3/New Vegas & Milkdrop Fixed counter showing over frames in IE9 beta Fixed stereoscopic capture not working in half-size mode for some games Additional minor bug fixes Fraps 3.3.0 - 22nd February, 2011 - Full support for Windows 7 SP1 - Added option to only capture external sound input while hotkey pushed (Vista/Win7) - Fixed stereoscopic 3D capture not working for D3D9 games - Fixed counter not appearing in Dungeons Fraps 3.2.9 - 10th February, 2011 - Fixed crash if recording to drive with less than 4 gigabytes free Improved sound capture engine for those suffering sync issues Fixed 3D browser apps not being correctly monitored in Firefox 3 Fixed detection of UDK viewport sizes Fraps 3.2.8 - 3rd February, 2011 - Greatly reduced CPU usage while recording on most configurations - Fixed black areas in captures from Flight Simulator (FS9/FSX)
  4. 4. - Fixed counter not showing in correct position for some windowed applications - Fixed crash when recording DWM at 1366x768 on 64-bit versions of Windows - Fixed counter appearing in Google Talk Fraps 3.2.7 - 19th January, 2011 - Fixed large pause between split AVI segments - Fixed stuttering when using loop recording on Vista/Win7 - Other minor bug fixes Fraps 3.2.6 - 24th December, 2010 - Fixed - Fixed - Fixed movies - Fixed Fraps not able to initialize DirectX on startup for some people crash while recording that could cause video to be written incompletely rare bug causing graphic corruption of individual frames in recorded crash on Windows 2000 machines Fraps 3.2.5 - 2nd December, 2010 - Fixed keys sticking/duplicated with Fraps loaded - Fixed Fraps not capturing in half-size mode for some users Fraps 3.2.4 - 28th November, 2010 - Added Fixed Fixed Fixed Fixed Fixed Fixed Fixed Fixed Added Other support for D3D10 & D3D11 stereoscopic 3D Vision capture counter appearing on Windows Live 2011 apps inverted colors in video captured from some DX10 games DWM capture jumping between multiple monitors on Windows 7 flickering counter in some OpenGL applications mouse offset in 3D browser apps FRAPS.EXE not appearing signed on some Windows 7 installations systray icon not turning pink in loop recording mode. startup crash on 24-core CPU systems support for Win7 SP1 RC minor bug/stability fixes Fraps 3.2.3 - 14th June, 2010 - Added Fixed Fixed Fixed Fixed Fixed support for full-size video capture above 2560x1600 crash when loading Fraps under WinXP with 6-core CPU crash when enabling monitor DWM option on some configurations Fraps altering error flag on calls to GL SwapBuffers sound input switching at startup on XP systems counter appearing in VS2010 Fraps 3.2.2 - 31st March, 2010 - Fixed trouble opening movies with VLC, Avidemux, AVI synth, Virtualdub and some other applications - Fixed problem capturing stereoscopic movies at 1920x1080 and 1920x1200 - Fixed loop recordings sometimes becoming corrupted Fraps 3.2.1 - 29th March, 2010 - Fixed screen capture of large resolutions (ATI Eyefinity) - Fixed counter disappearing in some games when switching resolution
  5. 5. - Improved recording speed on SLI configurations - Other minor bug/crash fixes Fraps 3.2.0 - 26th March, 2010 - Added loop recording for registered users. Press and hold video capture hotkey to start 30 second buffer - Added option to disable stereoscopic capture when running with NVIDIA 3DVision - Major optimizations for recording from D3D10 & D3D11 games Fraps 3.1.2 - 4th March, 2010 - Fixed Fixed Fixed Fixed Fixed Fixed STALKER: Call of Pripyat not loading with Fraps running slow recording speeds for some users in Battlefield: Bad Company 2 Guild Wars crashing when moving between zones videos being recorded at double width on some nvidia configurations colors being inverted in video captured from some DX10 games multiple FRAPS32.DLL crashes Fraps 3.1.1 - 11th February, 2010 - Fixed detection of loading screens when recording with unlocked framerate - Added product information to installer Fraps 3.1.0 - 8th February, 2010 - Added option to capture videos with framerate locked or unlocked Fixed startup crash for some Intel i5/i7 configurations under Windows 7 Minimum recording speed is now 1 fps to allow for time lapse recording Fixed vista desktop recording not capturing mouse cursor Fixed sound length for Vista/Win7 recordings Added large address support to 32-bit codec Fixed window starting off screen on some multi-monitor systems Fraps 3.0.3 - 21st November, 2009 - Fixed installer not displaying correctly for some users under Win7 Fraps 3.0.2 - 18th November, 2009 - Fixed Fixed Fixed Fixed inability to put machine to sleep with Fraps running bug preventing people from updating the benchmark timeout value problem restoring Fraps window to previous position upon startup AUDIODG.EXE consuming large amounts of CPU for some users Fraps 3.0.1 - 8th November, 2009 - Added minimize to systray option for Win7 users - Fixed video capture frame rate defaulting to 30 fps when Fraps loads Fraps 3.0.0 - 5th November, 2009 - DirectX 11 support Compatible with Windows 7 final (RTM) and RC1 versions Stereoscopic 3D Vision video capture up to 1920x1200 for D3D9 games Force lossless RGB option to always capture video in pure form
  6. 6. - Ability to mix both game sound and external input such as microphone (Vista/Win7 only) Fraps 2.9.99 - 16th October, 2009 - Fixed Fixed Fixed Other flickering video capture in Operation Flashpoint: Dragon Rising 30-bit color captures in Eve Online mouse cursor not being recorded in Conquer Online minor bug fixes Fraps 2.9.9 - 29th August, 2009 - Fixed Fixed Fixed Fixed Fixed Fixed Fixed Fixed Fixed Fixed Fixed Fixed Fixed Fixed Fixed Fixed Fixed missing audio in Adobe Premiere and Sony Vegas benchmarks not being written to benchmark folder loading crash when attempting to start Fraps stalling/stuttering after first 4 gig AVI segment mouse cursor image/transparency corruption mouse cursor offset in some applications crash when recording above 1920x1200 for some users crash after stopping video capture in Windows 2000 crash in some DirectX10 applications random windows crashes with fraps.dll missing systray icon if explorer restarts frapsvid.dll and frapsv64.dll crashes when importing/playing video Run Fraps when Windows starts option Starcraft stalling during video capture limited CPU affinity of main Fraps process yellow corruption displayed in Plants vs Zombies capture speed of many older DDRAW games Fraps 2.9.8 - 3rd January, 2009 - Fixed crash on installation for some users Fixed Fraps not working with Combat Arms Fixed counter not switching properly between multiple active 3D applications Fixed Fraps not detecting windowed games while monitoring DWM Systray icon now turns red while recording Minor optimizations and bug fixes Reduced memory footprint of 64-bit version of Fraps Fraps 2.9.7 - 19th December, 2008 - Fixed 64-bit applications crashing soon after loading Fixed low quality sound recording with Left 4 Dead under Windows XP Fixed graphic corruption in X-Plane (and other OpenGL titles) Fixed crash when recording a DirectX 9 game and changing resolution Fixed Fraps not detecting games after being run at Windows startup Fixed hotkeys not responding when Alt held down Fixed monitoring of Vista DWM after a full-screen application has exited Fixed Fluidmark displaying a blank screen with Fraps loaded Fixed FS9 crashing when menu activated while recording Fixed DWMAPI error on some Windows XP installs Improved recording speed of DirectX9 games in Vista SP1 and SP2 beta Added warning if no sound recording device found under Windows 2000 or XP Fraps 2.9.6 - 2nd October, 2008 - Fixed games such as Stalker not being detected in 2.9.5 - Fixed video capture corruption in FSX on multi monitor setups
  7. 7. - Fixed Fixed Fixed Fixed Fixed codec crashes in large projects Fraps not starting with Windows when running on battery power Fraps closing when switching to battery power OpenGL video capture not recording correct viewport in some applications sound sync when recording started while rendering paused Fraps 2.9.5 - 10th September, 2008 - Added - Added - Added - Added - Fixed - Fixed - Fixed - Fixed - Fixed - Fixed - Fixed - Fixed - Fixed - Fixed games - Fixed Stereo & Multichannel recording options for Direct Stream audio in Vista support for many DDRAW games running in windowed mode support for games that use multiple swapchains in D3D9 large size icon for Vista slow video capture speeds recording many older DDRAW games capture crash for DDRAW games in XP SP3 misaligned audio with Vista Direct Stream when sound was silent 64-bit OpenGL apps not being detected long delay starting video capture on some Vista configurations crash in Fraps if video capture key pressed quickly in succession Fraps exit dialog appearing at random intervals "This program might not have installed correctly" error in Vista corrupted volume slider in Vista when Fraps loaded scrambled colors when recording in 8-bit and 16-bit from some older crash loading levels in Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory Fraps 2.9.4 - 14th January, 2008 - Added 64-bit Fraps FPS1 codec - Added support for resolutions up to 2560x1600 on single core CPUs - Fixed crash when recording with sound under Vista SP1 - Fixed D3D9 recording speed on x64 versions of Windows - Fixed Windows start bug when Fraps installed in a folder with a space in the name - Improved compatibility with 3rd party graphic utilities Fraps 2.9.3 - 21st November, 2007 - Fixed crash in DX10 games when AA enabled Fixed sound sync/length issue when 29.97 option used Improved video capture smoothness on slower hard drives Fixed LCD output displaying wrong resolution for DX10 games Fixed Run Fraps when Windows starts option under Vista Added support for DX8 SwapChains Reduced delay between split AVIs Fraps 2.9.2 - 10th September, 2007 - Fixed Fixed Fixed Fixed Fixed Direct Stream sound recording with 5.1 speaker configuration World Of Warcraft crash if Alt-Tab pressed while recording startup error under XP when Alky installed DX10 support when DXGI_PRESENT_TEST flag used function keys not responding in FFXI Fraps 2.9.1 - 12th July, 2007 - Fixed blank video capture occurring with some configurations Fraps 2.9.0 - 10th July, 2007
  8. 8. - Added support for DirectX 10 Added option to monitor Desktop Window Manager under Vista Added Direct Stream sound recording for Vista Fixed screen tearing in video captured from DX9 games Fixed G15 LCD output running fast on Vista machines Improved resource sharing with multithreaded games Added numerous crash and compatibility fixes Fraps 2.8.2 - 21st December, 2006 - Fixed Fixed Fixed Fixed gamma not being applied to video in some DirectX games macro keys playing back slowly when G15 display enabled crash taking screenshots when recording a movie at the same time high CPU load on some machines with LCD output Fraps 2.8.1 - 26th October, 2006 - Fixed - Fixed Panel - Fixed - Fixed skewed video capture when game resolution width not a multiple of 8 slow full-size recording when anti-aliasing forced in NVIDIA Control blank/garbage captures after switching between multiple games crash on Fraps exit Fraps 2.8.0 - 20th October, 2006 - Added full-size video capture up to 2560x1600 for dual core CPUs Added G15 gameinfo screen (mapped to 4th button) Added Targa (TGA) screenshot format support Added dual core optimizations to Fraps FPS1 codec Added extra digit to counter (now displays above 999 fps) Improved full-size D3D9 video capture speed (10-20%) Fixed G15 display not scaling properly with high framerates Fixed Company of Heroes reporting 999 fps Fixed mouse cursor offset in some windowed applications Fixed flickering movies recording Flight Simulator 9/FSX with dual monitors Fraps 2.7.4 - 18th June, 2006 - Fixed intermittent crash on XP SP1 systems - Fixed audio click when start of recording delayed Fraps 2.7.3 - 30th April, 2006 - Added Fixed Fixed Fixed Fixed Fixed Fixed support for latest version of GameGuard (Maple Story, Ragnarok) capture speed on dual cores when CPU affinity has been user selected audio length of recorded movies to match video length screen capture on Dell 30" (2560x1600) problem updating 64-bit components under Windows x64 editions detection of Monitor Mixer on M-Audio sound cards mouse cursor not being saved when game running in 16-bit color mode Fraps 2.7.2 - 3rd December, 2005 - Fixed corruption in screenshots & video capture with latest ATI Catalysts Fraps 2.7.1 - 9th November, 2005
  9. 9. - Fixed bug restoring sound input - Fixed animation on LCD after exiting game - Updated installer to NSIS 2.10 Fraps 2.7.0 - 6th November, 2005 - Added support for Logitech G15 keyboard LCD Improved video capture routines (up to 20% faster on single cores) Reduced codec memory consumption in Movie Maker and Premiere Added Alt key modifier support for hotkey selections Fixed extended hotkeys triggering with numpad equivalents Added video capture support for 1920x540 and 2160x480 resolutions Removed FRAPSSEC log option. Superseded by detailed FPS statistics Fixed What U Hear not being detected on some Creative cards Fraps 2.6.4 - 15th August, 2005 - Fixed custom movie fps reverting to 29.97 after multiple restarts Fixed sound not being captured in all movies under Windows 2000 Fixed error message when running Fraps under limited user account Fixed settings not being saved for limited users Fixed Risk Your Life and Lineage 2 not capturing for some users Added warning message if Direct3D debug runtime active Installer will now update codec if it's being used at the time Fraps 2.6.3 - 17th July, 2005 - Fixed Fixed Movie Added intermittent corrupt movie files (codec missing error) screenshot key not always responding with early DirectX games & screenshot directories are recreated if they've been deleted workaround for systems with AlienGUIse (missing checkboxes) Fraps 2.6.2 - 5th July, 2005 - Fixed recording freeze when disk full or directory invalid Fixed only a single frame being displayed in short movies Set sound capture rate back to 44.1kHz (compatibility issues) Fixed no sound playing in clips imported into Pinnacle Studio Fraps window now restored to last position on screen Fraps 2.6.1 - 29th June, 2005 - Fixed Guildwars recording crash when changing resolution Fixed overlay not moving after selecting a new corner in Fraps Changed default sound capture rate to 48kHz Fixed D3D9 screen capture with new AA modes Fixed crash in POL menu Fraps 2.6.0 - 15th June, 2005 - Added custom movie frame rate selection (record from 10 to 100 fps) Added option to capture video with or without hardware mouse cursor Added support for 1-bit Windows hardware cursors New 64-bit video capture engine under Windows x64 Improved performance capturing half-size video on most systems Fixed PNG and JPG screenshots for native 64-bit games Fixed detailed benchmark statistics not saving for native 64-bit games
  10. 10. - Fixed Fixed Fixed Fixed OpenGL error raised when capturing with Radeon graphics card horizontal graphic noise in video capture of old DirectX titles graphic corruption capturing Winamp AVS plugin codec playback crash when out of memory Fraps 2.5.5 - 7th April, 2005 - Fixed freeze when switching DirectDraw resolutions (WinUAE) - Fixed DirectX applications closing after exiting Fraps - Fixed blurred video playback above 1024x768 on ATI cards Fraps 2.5.4 - 18th March, 2005 - Resolved conflict preventing SLI with 71.84 Forceware drivers - Fixed crash when right clicking in change directory window - Fixed crash in some browsers when launching Help window Fraps 2.5.3 - 3rd March, 2005 - Fixed crash under Japanese Windows, SW: Galaxies, and other games - Fixed alpha blending of mouse cursors under OpenGL - Fixed green frame at start of split AVI's Fraps 2.5.2 - 24th February, 2005 - Fixed sound detection of Intel HD Audio (Realtek HD) - Fixed compatibility with current nProtect games (Gunbound) - Fixed crash when running multiple game clients simultaneously Fraps 2.5.1 - 29th December, 2004 - Fixed crash with Windows Movie Maker - Additional optimizations for better video playback on low-end systems Fraps 2.5.0 - 10th December, 2004 - Added 40 fps, 50 fps, and 60 fps video capture options Added HDTV 1280x720 widescreen resolution support Additional lossless compression generates smaller video files Improved capture performance on native PCI-Express systems Improved load balancing on Hyperthreading and dual core CPUs Increased maximum full size video capture resolution to 1152x864 Added white overlay flash when screen capture performed Added option to automatically repeat screen capture every x seconds Added View Benchmarks, View Movies, and View Screenshots options to systray Detailed benchmark statistics can now be individually selected Fraps 2.3.3 - 20th October, 2004 - Fixed memory leak in video codec (video editors could crash after time) - Fixed crash while changing resolutions in some DX9 games - Aligned data in detailed benchmark CSV files Fraps 2.3.2 - 20th September, 2004 - Fixed blurred playback of 1024x768 movies on ATI cards
  11. 11. - Fixed video capture automatically restarting after recording stopped Fixed crash when Record Sound enabled on a machine with no sound card Fixed autodetection of best Sound Device with multiple sound cards under XP Additional minor fixes for WinXP SP2 Fraps 2.3.1 - 9th September, 2004 - Fixed crash in 2.3.0 when Save Detailed Benchmark Statistics enabled - Fixed incorrect colors recorded from games running in 16-bit color Fraps 2.3.0 - 8th September, 2004 - Many changes for optimum video recording under WinXP SP2 New 256 color capture engine (perfect quality, smaller filesize) Added JPG and PNG screen capture support (registered users) Fixed rare codec decoding bug Fraps 2.2.5 - 29th July, 2004 - Final - Fixed drivers - Fixed - Fixed DirectX 9.0c support for official retail runtime slow DX9 video capture with anti-aliased games and nvidia 61.76/61.77 bug outputting lots of 0 and 1 entries at start of FRAPSSEC log crash when starting video capture in some OpenGL applications Fraps 2.2.4 - 19th July, 2004 - Preliminary DirectX 9.0c support Improved Fraps graphics for systems using large size DPI setting Fixed keyboard response delay encountered by some users Fixed single dropped video frame in split AVI Fixed screen & video capture corruption in Manager Zone Fixed Silent Hill 3 crashing on startup when overlay enabled Fraps 2.2.3 - 30th June, 2004 - Fixed video capture deadlock on single core CPUs Fraps 2.2.2 - 29th June, 2004 - Fixed screnshot/movie View buttons not always opening folder - Fixed some 256 color capture issues (Age Of Empires 2, Diablo 2) - Now permits video/screen capture where no FPS overlay is displayed (Starcraft & Diablo) - Fixed audio sync when video capture hotkey was pressed before rendering had begun Fraps 2.2.1 - 14th June, 2004 - Fixed City Of Heroes only working intermittently - Fixed video capture only saving a single frame for some users - Improved sound capture support (was not always starting correctly) Fraps 2.2.0 - 11th June, 2004 - Added 256 color video and screen capture
  12. 12. - Many old games (DX7 and earlier) better supported Faster video capture in the latest DX9 titles Fixed OpenGL screen capture (broken in 2.1.1) Fixed Final Fantasy XI erratic keyboard/hotkey behaviour Added "Run Fraps when Windows starts" option Added folder View buttons for movies and screenshots Fraps 2.1.1 - 22nd May, 2004 - Fixed sound clipping in between split movie files Fixed frame rate counter not showing in some DirectX 8 games (Ford Racing 2) Fixed gamma effects not being saved in movies (flashes/fades/explosions) Fixed memory leak in OpenGL path Fixed 3D applications crashing if Fraps was exited early Increased output precision in detailed benchmark statistics (frame times) Support for recent Direct X SDK betas (Retail libraries only) Fraps 2.1.0 - 23rd March, 2004 - Added 64-bit benchmarking and screen capture support (AMD64) - Able to launch Fraps on Athlon XP's with SSE disabled in BIOS - Fixed counter not showing in some games (Battlefield Vietnam, Midnight Club 2) - Fixed hotkeys not operating properly in some games (Mafia) - General: Added Always On Top option for the Fraps window - General: GUI corruption has been fixed when large DPI is enabled in Display Properties - FPS: Readded option to only update overlay once a second - FPS: Added option to stop benchmark automatically after x seconds - FPS: Added option for detailed benchmark statistics (CSV files saved to the benchmarks directory) - FPS: Benchmark details automatically saved if program is exited prematurely - Video: Faster DirectX9 capture speeds when anti aliasing (multisampling) enabled - Video: Fixed slow capture issue on ATI cards with some DirectX8 games (Deus Ex 2, C&C Generals) - Video: Recording screens with odd dimensions no longer results in corruption - Video: Demo version properly crops when resolution is above maximum (no horizontal lines) - Video: Fixed bug with YUV modes capturing incorrectly - Video: Smoother video output on high end machines - Video: Fixed widescreen modes being forced to half size capture - Video: Audio input is only switched when sound recording is taking place - Codec: Fixed playback bug causing black or repeated screens when frames are dropped - Installer: Check to make sure codec installs correctly (Administrator account)