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Susan Wenograd - Facebook Ads: Mastering the Power of the Demographic Fire Hose


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Susan Wenograd

Published in: Marketing
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Susan Wenograd - Facebook Ads: Mastering the Power of the Demographic Fire Hose

  1. 1. Turning on the Facebook Ads Firehose Without Drowning
  2. 2. Obligatory About Me Slide
  3. 3. What I Do
  4. 4. Me + Paid Media
  5. 5. When Agencies Do a Bad Job
  6. 6. The Landscape
  7. 7. The Process: Ads Interface
  8. 8. The Process: Campaign Attempt
  9. 9. The Process: Results
  10. 10. The Familiar Will Hurt You
  11. 11. How Facebook’s Targeting Works Total Potential Audience Audience Likely to Do the Action Campaigns are focused around desired actions of the users. The more specific the audience, the higher the CPM. Conversion Campaign types = $$
  12. 12. Clinging To the Familiar: Bidding
  13. 13. The X Factor: FB’s User Behavior Data
  14. 14. Clinging To the Familiar: Creative Video. Video. Video. Everyone says to do video. Video? Video! Video.
  15. 15. Multiple Creatives, One Ad Set Great engagement, awful conversion
  16. 16. Too Large or Too Small = Bad 16 Lookalike Audiences 11 Countries 3 Additional Interest Layers Audience Expansion on Conversion-Focused Campaign Types
  17. 17. “Get Our CPA Down” Normally you’d start by cutting out what’s not working…
  18. 18. Top-to-Bottom Mentality in Account Design Awareness Consideration Purchase Upsell Are you actually doing this, but paying Conversion CPM prices?
  19. 19. Your Assets & Buying Path  FB Structure Facebook Structure Video Views Campaign Retargeting with Carousel Ads Static Image
  20. 20. Create a Strategic Map Duplicate by: • Country • Gender • Age Groups
  21. 21. Results: Implementing Funnel & Strategy Map
  22. 22. Y’all Have Hot Figured Out.
  23. 23. Cold: Lookalike Audiences Email lists Website traffic Phone numbers
  24. 24. Cold: Use Lookalikes as Your Foundation Higher CPC can = more valuable user
  25. 25. Cold: Shared IDs Accrue Social Proof Faster
  26. 26. Cold: Shared IDs Accrue Social Proof Faster Ad ID Social Proof from Ad Set 1 Social Proof from Ad Set 2 Social Proof from Ad Set 3
  27. 27. Bonus Tip: Need social proof faster? Drop that post ID into this type of campaign and run it at the same time!
  28. 28. Warm: Think Through Crafty Remarketing
  29. 29. Warm: Use Site Data for Groupings 83% of their conversions happen within 3 days of visiting
  30. 30. “But I Don’t Sell Stuff. I Collect Leads.”
  31. 31. Don’t Worry, Lead Gen. I Got You.
  32. 32. Lead Gen Ad Units
  33. 33. Case Study: Newsletter Sign-ups
  34. 34. And Another… Driving to website: $332 Spend 6 Sign Ups Using Lead Ads: $628 Spend 90 Sign Ups $55.33 Cost per Lead $6.98 Cost per Lead
  35. 35. Maximize: Creative
  36. 36. Form = Your Landing Page
  37. 37. Maximize: Your Audience You can create a lookalike audience off this! Look for roll-out of ability to retarget based off post engagement & event attendance. (Already in some accounts.)
  38. 38. Manage Your Expectations & Experience Lower commitment = lower quality/emotional investment Have a strong follow up funnel for sign ups to nurture
  39. 39. Keys To Success  It’s not “One Campaign To Rule Them All!”  Experiment with different campaign types to achieve the lowest-CPA funnel  Utilize your warm audiences to create a solid foundation for ad sets  Use in-FB action options to create warm/mid-funnel audiences  Test, succeed, break things, and test again!
  40. 40. Bonus: Download Strategic Map! Leave me your email and I’ll send you a link to a blank strategy map that is yours to use!
  41. 41. Twitter: @SusanEDub Email: