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"Lift me up. Mentorship 101" Tanya Butenko


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Mentorship, coaching, sponsorship - it looks like we hear these words more and more in IT communities, at working place and on events. So what is a mentorship and how to be good at it? Often when we start mentor/mentee interaction we might notice that these "simple" soft skills are not so simple and not so soft. This talk will give you great insight on mentor's etiquette and how to gain most being a mentor. It also gives a great understanding of mentor-mentee relations to the mentee.

Published in: Self Improvement
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"Lift me up. Mentorship 101" Tanya Butenko

  1. 1. Lift me up. Mentorship 101 @ButenkoMe
  2. 2. Who is Tanya Butenko?
  3. 3. Coach - deals with performance, soft skills. Result-oriented Sponsor - a senior leader who is advocating for you Mentor - deals with overall professional development and advancement @ButenkoMe
  4. 4. Desire to help others Knowledge Ability to communicate clearly and listen effectively @ButenkoMe
  5. 5. Do’s @ButenkoMe
  6. 6. Be prepared @ButenkoMe
  7. 7. Be enthusiastic @ButenkoMe
  8. 8. Treat people with respect @ButenkoMe
  9. 9. Listen carefully Even when you think you got questions straight away @ButenkoMe
  10. 10. Be encouraging but honest @ButenkoMe
  11. 11. Point out on achieved success @ButenkoMe
  12. 12. Be accessible to the mentee @ButenkoMe
  13. 13. Promote independence Explain/discuss so mentee can come to answer by himself/herself @ButenkoMe
  14. 14. If possible teach by example @ButenkoMe
  15. 15. Teach how to look for the solution As it is what devs do most of the time @ButenkoMe
  16. 16. Be nice :) @ButenkoMe
  17. 17. Don'ts @ButenkoMe
  18. 18. Don’t assume people know something Ask them @ButenkoMe
  19. 19. There is no stupid questions @ButenkoMe
  20. 20. Don’t say: - “Oh, that is easy ...” - “You don’t know what is …. ?” @ButenkoMe
  21. 21. If person don’t understand - don’t repeat yourself Try to use new words or explanations @ButenkoMe
  22. 22. Don’t expect to bond immediately It takes time @ButenkoMe
  23. 23. Don’t be a teacher Be a study-buddy @ButenkoMe
  24. 24. Don’t adopt an authoritative tone @ButenkoMe
  25. 25. Don’t take it personally if mentee does not follow your advice @ButenkoMe
  26. 26. Don’t be afraid to admit when you are wrong or uncertain Learning together will be of mutual benefit @ButenkoMe
  27. 27. Don’t take over Do not do what mentees should be doing themselves @ButenkoMe
  28. 28. Mentees @ButenkoMe
  29. 29. How to find a mentor @ButenkoMe
  30. 30. How to approach a mentor @ButenkoMe
  31. 31. Questions? @ButenkoMe
  32. 32. Stay in touch: Twitter: @ButenkoMe LinkedIn: Tanya Butenko Website: