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Trust the Brands introduction


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Counterfeiting is a huge problem. As are retailers that do not provide the service you should expect both as a consumers and as a manufacturer of the brand.

As a brand owner you do everything in your power to carefully build your brand equity. You make a great product, with an even better design and you strategically market your brand. You also try to monitor and control your distribution, which has become quite challenging since almost everybody can start a (web) shop from anywhere.

That’s where Trust the Brands comes in!

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Trust the Brands introduction

  1. 1. Your brand has great value Your company makes huge investments in your brand. Product development, advertisement, websites, distribution, customer service, legal affairs and so on. You do everything in your power to get top-of-mind awareness and create those brand lovers.
  2. 2. Your customers journey So now a consumer wants to buy your product... Where does he go? Nowadays over 90% of the consumers start their voyage online. If you’re lucky they visit your brand’s website where you have an easy-to-use and up-to-date Authorized Reseller locator to guide the customer to a preferred retailer, online and offline.
  3. 3. The online jungle... But even then, the temptation of searching online for cheaper alternatives is always there. The consumer enters a continuously growing ‘jungle’ of webshops and other online offers. You’ve just lost control over the consumers journey! Hopefully he finds your product at a decent retailer and at a price that fit’s your strategy... Unfortunately there is a big chance the consumer buys it at the wrong store and starts complaining about your brand for no service, lack of warranty, or even worse: for selling a fake product.
  4. 4. Your challenge The question is: How do you guide the consumer to the right retailers, online or offline, if 90% of the consumers start their journey in that online jungle?
  5. 5. Endorse your resellers Trust the Brands has developed a platform that helps you guide your customers to the offline and online retailers you want to be associated with. Endorse your Authorized Retailers and give your customer the experience they expect from your brand. Trust the Brands connects the dots between your brand, your customers ànd your resellers!
  6. 6. We connect the dots! Your Brand Your Authorised Resellers Your Customer
  7. 7. Authorized Reseller certificates Our online service enables you to endorse your resellers with fraud proof “Authorized reseller” Certificates. Your authorized resellers show these certificates on their webshop or in their stores. And - thanks to our innovative solution - consumers can easily check the authenticity of the certificate.
  8. 8. Manage your Resellers Grant and revoke authorization with just one click!
  9. 9. Your Authorized Reseller Locator • Online and offline reseller locator • Customizable look and feel • Reseller-info is maintained by resellers • Easy to implement • Can be used in combination with existing locators
  10. 10. Global Brand Search Engine We are building the world largest Brand Search Engine. Make sure your brands’ resellers are present and findable.
  11. 11. What you have to do? Not a lot! • The system is designed in a way that neither you, your distributors / representatives or resellers have to put much work in it! • The brand decides who is allowed to invite resellers or grant and revoke authorization. • After invitation, information about the reseller is added by the reseller. And certificates are easily placed by the reseller. • Our software does most of the work.  It is even easier than it sounds!
  12. 12. More information? As Trust the Brands has an innovative solution, we imagine you have some thoughtful questions about our service and how it exactly works. We would like to give you the most appropriate answer for the situation of your brand. That is why our team is always ready to make an appointment and explain you much more about our service. You can contact us at: T: +31 10 30 70 134 E: