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Hr challenges supv 234 final


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human resources challenges

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Hr challenges supv 234 final

  1. 1. HUMAN RESOURCESMANAGEMENT Mia Rusali 10.16.12 Presented by: Amirah Almaweri-Sow Arieanna Harrison John Strack Naim Harrison Jules Sebastian
  4. 4. STRATEGIC TALENT DEVELOPMENT   Strategicallydevelop and retain pool of diverse talents  4-P’s Test:   Person   Position   Phase   Ensure employee fit   Price and competence 2
  5. 5. WORKPLACE DIVERSITY Diversity has a wide range of issues related to:  gender   nationality  age   multiculturalism  disabilities   competency  religion   training  job titles   experience  physical appearance   personal habits.  sexual orientation 3
  6. 6. WORKPLACE DIVERSITY  Workplace Documentation   Examining policies   Employee relationships   Personal tracking system aligning with compliance  Family Medical Leave Act ( FMLA )   Coverage: children, spouses, parents, and other older family members or relatives with disabilities   26 work weeks coverage 4
  7. 7. SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY  Human Rights Commission   1963 // Modern day civil rights movement manifested in SF through demonstrations against hotels, supermarkets, drive-in restaurants, automobile showrooms and automobile repair shops which were discriminating against African Americans.   1964 // Major John F. Shelley appointed an interim committee on human relations, which subsequently recommended to the board of supervisors that a permanent human rights commission be established. 5
  8. 8. SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY  Human Rights Commission (cont…)   1964, July // the board of supervisors passed the recommendation, and major shelley signed an ordinance establishing the human rights commission.   1964 // the human rights commission grew in response to city governments mandate to address the causes of and problems resulting from prejudice, intolerance, bigotry 6 and discrimination.  Sanctuary City Ordinance Enforcement
  9. 9. GLOBALIZATION  Advantages   Disadvantages   Loss of US Jobs /   Expanding for success Made Products   Cost Effective   Keeping employee talent   Diversity   Balancing diversity   Specific Skills/Product   Fluid market trends   International Legalities 7
  10. 10. GLOBALIZATIONKey Competencies for Successful Global Work 8
  11. 11. GLOBALIZATIONTop Challenges in Working Globally 9
  12. 12. GLOBALIZATIONGlobalization of Business Processes – Talent Management 10
  13. 13. GLOBALIZATIONIntersectionality of GlobalizationFor the sake of cost:  Mass Layoff  Outsourcing  Offshoring Connecting worlds apart: Diversity Education/Skill Expanding culturally 11
  14. 14. SOLUTIONS  Launch Mentoring and Gain sharing programs   Motivate members to increase productivity   ensure the gain sharing targets are challenging but attainable   provide useful feedback to gain sharing participants on how they need to change their behavior to realize Gain Sharing payouts   must have an open mind to changes that participants want to make  Utilize Executive Information Systems 12
  15. 15. SUMMARY  What have we learned?   Identify, maintain, ensure key talents   Provide informative materials on diversity   Introduce cultural sensitivity trainings   Anticipate future trends through social and global initiatives E   Work cohesively within the organization at all levels
  16. 16. THE END. THANK YOU. Amirah Almaweri-Sow Arieanna HarrisonQ & A PORTION John Strack Naim Harrison Jules Sebastian