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All You Need To Know About The UK Music Industry



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All You Need To Know About The UK Music Industry - Resource for the kind of subjects covered in the possible SXSW panel - How To Build Your Business In The UK

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All You Need To Know About The UK Music Industry

  1. 1. All you need to know about the UK Size Fast moving/crowded/open to the new Music Lovers Be realistic Modest success/global success Reconnaissance
  2. 2. Economics Top 10–An overview of the UK market 4th Largest Music Market Live Bigger than recorded 51% 11%23% 15% Spend on recorded music Spend on live music 85% of the population buy music! Digital up 41% Streaming first way to hear new act.. Adapting to change Physical still important
  3. 3. Before you go Information Centralised Local success Best case Team Timescale Analytics
  4. 4. When to go over? Awareness Local champions Niche If early..
  5. 5. How to maximise your time Strategy One week Continuity Fans vs industry Prepare 3 ways Distribution
  6. 6. Showcasing/Live Showcase Venues Slot Differences Supports Festivals Local knowledge Outside London?
  7. 7. Who do you trust? Tastemakers People talk.. Coverage Club nights/Promoters Blogs/Press Radio/DJ’s TV USA
  8. 8. Market Peculiarities Size London Narrow channels Ways in.. Indie cool Timetable
  9. 9. PR/Blogs/Press Variety Challenges Approaching them.. Print vs digital Influential? PR Co’s
  10. 10. Radio The gatekeeper Who does what? When/how approach? Radio promotion
  11. 11. Building a UK team Early adopters Agent Labels Publisher Sympathetic A+R Co-mgmt? Direct to fan Investors
  12. 12. Challenges for foreign acts Individuality Trailblazers help.. Tastes differ Niche is still good
  13. 13. Export-ready checklist • Top 10 tips for making your act ready…