Softacell board cost and quality optimization


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This presentation describes a groundbreaking new software for all board makers to optimize their product cost and quality.

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Softacell board cost and quality optimization

  1. 1. Furnish Solutions We provide fibre and paper furnish solutions to pulp and paper industry worldwide GloCell Oy Tekniikantie 2F 02150 Espoo Finland Quality and cost optimization possibilities in board applications General
  2. 2. GloCell’s business idea Fiber Knowledge Multivariable modeling SoftaCell™ Monetary Tools We offer an unique business proposal for pulp- paper- and board producers that brings real financial value through combination of these knowledge areas 2
  3. 3. How SoftaCell™ works • SoftaCell™ primary function is to find and simulate the optimum furnish mix for different paper grades or board structures based on the potential of the available pulps and fillers • With the help of SoftaCell™ optimal pulp combinations and refining ratios can be found in acknowledge of effect on final quality and cost efficiency of the mix changes • In the program it’s easy to set limits minimum and maximum values for all the necessary quality parameter ranges and optimize without loss of total performance 3
  4. 4. Value added by SoftaCell™ Steering to use the best raw material combinations available Compare different options of raw materials easy and fast •Find out technical potential in the end product •Be able to see effects of material change fast on economical level Cost efficient development and testing of new products Mill level •Buy the right pulps •Survey in which end products you can use same pulp grades. •Channel right raw materials to right locations •Steering of R&D on higher business area level •Point out the best and be able to forget the rest Optimization of quality to customers •Be able solve customer problems •Produce “quality good enough” •Increase your pulp sales with SoftaCell™ SoftaCell™ can offer value for the whole corporation 4
  5. 5. Board tool examples 5
  6. 6. Board Optimization • • • • The board structure can be created from furnish mixes or from individual pulps. All the layers can be individually optimized with mix optimization feature of the program and the results can be selected in the board optimization tool afterwards as different layers In basic version 3-layer structure in presented, which enables working with one, two or three ply boards Easy comparison • • • • Grammages included Good exporting tools to excel Cost structure comparison Easy way to compare how different changes will effect on end quality properties of the board 6
  7. 7. Optimize your production with SoftaCell™ How could it be done in board making as an example In the beginning with triple layer board optimization, you would have a different list of possible layer mixes for top- middle- and bottom to choose for Later on you would have modelled multilayer board structure consisting from layer mixes combinated from different types of pulps, fillers and additives, with spesific production parameters and process variables taken into account These structures can then be optimized within the quality limits to suit your preferences with SoftaCell™ Cost effect of different raw material combinations will be reported simultaneously with changed quality properties 7
  8. 8. Example on easy quality and cost comparison with single ply boards up to more complicated multilayer board structures. 8
  9. 9. Sustainability issues with SoftaCell™ Certified wood content comparison example In this case it can be stated that “New product” contains 12% more certified wood with 24€/ton less raw material cost SoftaCell™ provides ability for multivariable quality comparisons between existing and new products with simultaneous financial reporting Better sustainability creation with SoftaCell™ can also mean optimization towards less used energy in processing or increased use of recycled fibres 9
  10. 10. GloCell Oy Tekniikantie 2F 02150 Espoo Finland Furnish Solutions We provide fibre and paper furnish solutions to pulp and paper industry worldwide Thank you! GloCell Oy Jari Aittakari Vice President +358 45 858 8300