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I teach, therefore I learn


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There are many ways to improve your skills as a developer. Teaching programming is an awesome but bit under-appreciated one. Becoming a senior developer is about so much more than just technical competency. It’s about helping others succeed, it’s about becoming a leader and it’s about being a good communicator with users, clients and teammates. In this talk, I will share how 6+ years of programming teaching has made me a better developer in the core understanding of topics, communication, and perspective as well as reveal all the additional perks of joy, diversity, and making friends.

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I teach, therefore I learn

  1. 1. I TEACH, THEREFORE I LEARN PyCon CZ • Juha-Matti Santala • June 14–16th 2019
  2. 2. Hi, I’m Juhis! Developer Community & Web Dev @ Futurice Founder of Turku <3 Frontend 6+ years of teaching programming @hamatti in Twitter from Helsinki, !
  3. 3. IMPACT & SCALE @hamattiPyCon CZ 2019
  4. 4. BECOME BETTER AT YOUR CRAFT @hamattiPyCon CZ 2019
  5. 5. 1. Abstract thoughts to solid concepts @hamattiPyCon CZ 2019 2. Existing knowledge to new format 3. Fill in the gaps of knowledge
  6. 6. @hamattiPyCon CZ 2019
  7. 7. BECOME A MASTER COMMUNICATOR @hamattiPyCon CZ 2019
  8. 8. AJA HILJAA SILLALLA @hamattiPyCon CZ 2019
  9. 9. GAIN PERSPECTIVE @hamattiPyCon CZ 2019
  10. 10. JOY @hamattiPyCon CZ 2019
  11. 11. DIVERSITY @hamattiPyCon CZ 2019
  12. 12. AMAZING PEOPLE @hamattiPyCon CZ 2019
  13. 13. YOU CAN START TOMORROW @hamattiPyCon CZ 2019
  14. 14. Pair-programming & code reviews with a junior in your team @hamattiPyCon CZ 2019 Blogs, tutorials, meetups, conferences Non-profit workshops like Django Girls, PyLadies and codebar
  15. 15. #FRIDAYHUG @hamattiPyCon CZ 2019
  16. 16. THANK YOU @hamatti