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The Global Champagne Party Pink Kisses


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Pink Kisses & Gentleman Only
September 2015 Invent introduced the innovative "Pink Kisses" & "Gentleman Only" An Exclusive Champagne brand for Ladies & Gentleman for all Fans to have full access of the taste of luxury! The Taste is divine of the finest of champagne with the very best ingredients to take you on a Exclusive journey, no matter what the occasion!

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The Global Champagne Party Pink Kisses

  1. 1. The Global Champagne Party, Countries are raving about!
  2. 2. Pink Kisses, for Gentleman Only! From the finest Ingredients, Pink Kisses & its Parent Brand Gentleman Only are delectable Luxury at an Affordable price for all to experience! Gentleman Only for the Sophisticated Male Entrepreneur, & Pink Kisses for the Sexy Ladies finest Celebration Champagne, for the Fancy, High Roller in You! Taste the Refinements of Luxury!
  3. 3. The Gentleman of the Brand... Overseas and Across the Globe, the 2016 Juzz Roc the Mic Hip Hop & Pop Artist of the Year Young Invent (Business Entrepreneur & Talent) is making his mark on Red Carpets, on screen, on stage at your finest Nightlife Venue, to the Islands of the World! EPK / BIO Witness the Rise!, the Black Spanish Rock Star "Swear we just Joke for the Moment, and Live for the Best! No pretending to be what we not. We Living!" - Young INVENT
  4. 4. The Single that took the Black Spanish Rockstar on Tour... Mucho Fuego
  5. 5. Living in the moment with fans across countries... The dedication single “Fanz in the Ks”
  6. 6. Dropping New Music Soon! ...The Intro to the Beginning May 4th
  7. 7. Pink Kisses Champagne Party Tour Book a Pink Kisses Champagne Party Tour Date at Your Venue | G+ @PinkKissesTour | ig @theGlobalChampagneParty #Artist #Talent #Models Join the Pink Kisses Champagne Party Stage Show (323)451-1JOR[567] Model Mayhem’s / Host: Yvette Todea
  8. 8. Till we meet again, Cheers.. Business Inquiries / Info Booking info / Media / Sponsors (323)451-1JOR[567]