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Nazdar Top Ten Mistakes Webinar


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Published in: Technology, Business
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Nazdar Top Ten Mistakes Webinar

  1. 1. If  you  are  considering  purchasing  a  new  printer  in   the  next  few  months  find  out  the  Top  Mistakes   made  when  purchasing,  and  how  you  can  avoid   them.    Based  on  registra>on  informa>on,  a?endees  in  this  webinar  included  a  range  of:  •  Graphic  Wide  Format  Printers  •  Graphic  Screen  Printers  •  Garment  Printers  •  Industrial  Printers  •  Other   1  
  2. 2. Digital  Graphics  Execu>ve  Recrui>ng   859-­‐224-­‐0992    Nazdar  SourceOne   610-­‐577-­‐5076   jHe[     2  
  3. 3. 3  
  4. 4. ECONOMY  DICTATES  THAT  BUSINESSES  MOVE  INTO  DIGITAL  TECHNOLOGY  •  Total  new  purchases  forecasted   •  21,5000  –  not  including  Dye  sublima>on,  Latex  or  other  specialty   printers  •  In  addi>on  to  Sign  and  Exhibit  manufacturers,  supplement  for  large  screen   print  run  projects   •  In  most  instances,  ideal  for  runs  of  1  –  200  •  Ideal  for  same  or  next  day  turnaround  projects   •  Last  minute  changes  to  color  or  design  •  Easier  to  work  with  white  ink  •  Mul>ple  Technologies  for  various  applica>ons   •  Aqueous  Inkjet  for  indoor  and  tex>le  applica>ons   •  Eco-­‐solvent  Inkjet  for  indoor  and  outdoor  applica>ons   •  Solvent  Inkjet  for  indoor  and  outdoor  applica>ons   •  UV  Curable  Inkjet  for  indoor  &  outdoor  rigid  &  flex  applica>ons     4  
  5. 5. 1-­‐  Didn’t  compare  –  Pros  and  Cons   •  Compe>>ve  Products   •  Roll-­‐To-­‐Roll;  Hybrid;  Flatbed   •  VUTEk,  Roland,  Mimaki,  Brother…   •  Compe>>ve  distributors  or  buy  direct  from  manufacturer   •  Who  From?  2  –  Impulse  Purchase     •  Special  Pricing  deal   •  Used  equipment   •  It  does  “everything”  promise   •  Needed  for  “THIS”  job  3  -­‐  Failed  to  plan  for  future  business  growth   •  No  upgrade  path  –  “Forkli[”  upgrades  4  -­‐  Not  a  fit  with  business  plan   •  Capability  didn’t  fit  the  needs  of  client  base     •  Expected  to  go  “find  new”  5  -­‐  Improper  Financial  Planning   •  Leasing  Payments   5  
  6. 6. 6  -­‐  Assumed  all  dealers  or  service  is  the  same     •  (Which  one  do  you  have  a  las>ng  rela>onship  with)   •  Service  &  Support   •  Parts  &  Materials  availability  7  -­‐  Didn’t  Consider  the  Physical     •  (Newton  taught  us  we  can’t  overcome  the  laws  of  physics)   •  Size  &  space  needed  8  -­‐  Assuming  what  was,  s>ll  is       •  (We  don’t  want  to  be  Bill  Murray  in  “Groundhog  Day”)   •  Ink  technology  has  changed  significantly:  Applica>ons,  Durability  9  -­‐  Not  properly  educa>ng  staff   •  Operators  about  running  it   •  Sales  Staff  about  how  to  sell  it  (or  not)    10  -­‐  NOT  buying  one       •  (Norman  Rockwell)   •  Afraid  to  make  a  “bad”  decision     6  
  7. 7. Do  you  currently  have  a  wide  format  printer?    1  -­‐  No,  I  do  not  currently  print  in-­‐house.    2  –  Yes,  I  have  a  printer  60”  or  smaller.    3  –  Yes,  I  have  a  printer  larger  than  60”.    4  –  Yes,  I  have  mul>ple  printers.    If  you  are  thinking  about  a  wide  format  printer,  what  types  are  you  considering  (check  all  that  apply)?    1  –  Solvent  printer  (Full  or  Ecosolvent)    2  –  UV  printer  (Tradi>onal  Lamp  or  LED)    3  –  Dye  Sublima>on  (Transfer  or  Direct  Dispersion)    4  –  Latex  printer    5  -­‐  Other   7  
  8. 8. Not  every  printer  does  everything  –  all  have  Pros  &  Cons  •  New  products  are  constantly  changing,  evolving   •  New  Features   •  More  specialized  applica>ons.  •  Manufacturer   •  Product  Safety  Approvals  such  as  UL  and  CE  (tougher  standards  than   UL)   •  Parts  stocked  in  US,  or  dependent  on  overseas  shipment  •  Most  of  the  best  distributors  provide  informa>on     •  Both  their  machines  as  well  as  the  compe>tors   •  Guide  you  to  make  the  best  choice  for  your  business  goals  Example:  S1  Equipment  Matrix   •  Size:  Media  Width,  Prin>ng  Width,  Media  Thickness   •  Speed:  Produc>on  (not  Up  To)   •  Special  Features   •  Extras:  Included  and  Op>onal   •  Price   8  
  9. 9. You  get  what  you  pay  for:  •  Consider  purchase  price   •  Extras  needed   •  Computer,  RIP,  Tables   •  Freight,  Installa>on   •  Supplies  for  “start-­‐up”  period   •  Inks  &  Media   •  Warranty   •  Length  of  Warraty   •  Limita>ons  of  Warranty:   •  Parts  &  Labor   •  Depot  Service   •  Prorated  parts   •  Service  (>me  and  loca>on)   •  Warranty  below  1  year  on-­‐site  will  raise  concerns   (Heads,  bulbs,  pumps  exclusion  is  acceptable)  •  Distributor  should  do  an  ROI  with  you    Example:  Rastek  H-­‐652  ROI   9  
  10. 10. Are  there  upgrades  of  features  (to  use  later)  that  will  allow  for  business  growth?  •  Features  it  has  now  you  can  grow  into  later?  •  Available  op>ons  to  add  later?  •  Is  manufacturer  planning  upgrades?  Will  they  apply  to  your  machine?    Example:  White  prin>ng  capability  •  You  might  not  “need”  it  today,  but  maybe  in  6  or  9+  months   •  Be?er  colors  when  prin>ng  on  colored  materials   •  Backlit  applica>ons   •  Higher  margins  /  Niche  markets   •  Examples:   •  Clear  Packaging  /  Labels   •  Sta>c  Cling  /  Window  POP   •  Backlits  like  airports  and  bus  shelters   10  
  11. 11. Buy  with  Your  Business  Plan  in  mind   •  “Finding”  new  business  is  a  challenge     •  Try  to  “expand”  business  instead  of  “new”  business   •  Expect  Technology  lifespan  of  3  years    Example:  Type  of  Prin>ng  suitable  applica>ons  from  Rastek  H-­‐652  •  Standard  Applica>ons  (comfort  zone)   •  Point  of  purchase    -­‐  Display  graphics     •  Trade  show  graphics    -­‐  In-­‐store  displays     •  Floor  graphics      -­‐  Window  graphics     •  Backlit  graphics      -­‐  Outdoor  graphics     •  Banners  and  signs    -­‐  Flat  surface  vehicle  graphics     •  Stage  and  theatrical  graphics    •  Non-­‐Tradi>onal  Applica>ons:  (expansion  area)   •  Ad  specialty/promo>onal    -­‐  Environmental  /  Interior  graphics     •  Backlit  graphics   11  
  12. 12. Consumables,    Beyond  media  &  ink:    •  Print  heads  –  how  much,  how  many  to  budget  per  year?   •  Bulbs  –  lower  wa?age  with  age,  does  machine  have  variable  power?   •  Filters  –  How  many?  How  Much?  How  o[en?   •  Extended  warranty  –  available?  Coverage?  •  Work  with  a  reputable  leasing  partner  that  considers  your  business  goals   •  Monthly  payments  (allow  for  cash  flow  consumables)   •  Term  /  Length  of  Lease   •  Buy  Out,  or  roll  into  new  equipment      Example:  3  year  lease  vs.  6  year  lease  payments  &  Interest     12  
  13. 13. Not  all  distributors  are  the  same:  •  Training:   •  How  thorough  is  the  training?   •  Who  in  your  organiza>on  should  best  be  suited  to  train?   •  Does  the  dealer  provide  custom  profiles?  •  Support:   •  Does  the  distributor  stock  Parts  &  Materials  (how  close)   •  What  is  typical  service  response  >me?   •  How  many  technicians  do  they  have?   •   Is  the  machine  supported  by  3rd  party  Service  organiza>on?    Example:  Nazdar  DTS  Training  Checklist     13  
  14. 14. Consider  the  Physical  •  Requirements:   •  Size  &  space  needed   •  Electrical   •  Air  Filtra>on  •  Restric>ons:   •  Lease     •  Zoning  restric>ons    Example:  Rastek  H-­‐652  Site  Survey   14  
  15. 15. Don’t  ignore  a  device  because  of  what  you  USED  to  know    •  This  is  an  important  investment.   •  You  owe  it  to  yourself  to  be  open  minded.  •  Be  sure  to  check  out  print  samples     •  YOUR  files  (realis>c  resolu>on  /  >me)   •  Gradients,  Skin  Tones,  Small  Text   •  Adhesion  &  Durability  tests  for  your  typical  requirements  Example:  New  UV  inks  are  very  different  from  years  ago  •  Now  very  well  suited  for  banner  prin>ng  and  box  truck  graphics.  •  However  s>ll  not  suited  for  complex  curved  vehicle  wraps     15  
  16. 16. For  maximum  return,  invest  in  your  Investment  •  Operators     •  Important  to  train  the  RIGHT  operator   •  Proper  opera>on  and  maintenance  of  equipment   •  Back  up  operator  •  Sales  Staff     •  New  capabili>es     •  As  well  as  what  it  can’t  do  •  Allow  >me  &  Materials  for  learning  /  experimenta>on…samples  •  Get  informa>on  on  “down  Time”   •  Mean  >me  between  failure   •  All  machines  WILL  go  down…how  o[en  is  the  ques>on   •  Mean  >me  for  repair   •  When  the  printer  goes  down,  how  long  will  you  need  to  wait  for   repair?    Example:  Prints  the  operator  learned  with,  can  become  sales  samples  •  Bad  sample  –  will  the  customer  know  the  blue  was  too  purple?  •  Bad  sample  –  example  of  what  applica>ons  NOT  to  do?  (poor  adhesion)     16  
  17. 17. Not  making  a  decision  could  be  worse  than  making  a  “less  than  perfect”  decision.  •  Printers  are  changing  almost  daily.     •  As  soon  as  you  make  a  purchase  there  will  be  something  newer     •  But  what  is  the  cost  to  your  business  by  NOT  jumping  in?  •  A  good  distributor  will  work  with  you  to  find  a  solu>on  you  can  be  confident   in:     •  Features,  benefits,  leasing…the  whole  package  •  High  margins  of  Wide  Format  Digital  Prin>ng  means  money  le[  on  the  table   every  month  a  business  is  NOT  offering  it  to  their  customers.    Example:  Market  data  •  Over  21,500  printers  are  forecasted  to  be  purchased  •  Will  you  be  in  that  number?  Or  will  your  compe>>on?   17  
  18. 18. Q:  How  do  you  feel  about  used  equipment?  •  All  the  same  guidelines  above  s>ll  apply  –  PLUS  the  need  to  research  the  history  of  the   par>cular  unit.  Can  the  seller  provide  a  maintenance  report?  Service  report?  Nozzle  Test  print?     Similar  to  CarFaxx,  some  manufacturers  will  provide  a  service  history  on  an  individual  serial   number.    Q:  What  new  feature  is  coming?  (is  this  rumor  coming?)  •  Equipment  development  is  constantly  changing  and  developing.  Rest  assured  that  all  the  major   manufacturers  are  working  on  Bigger,  Be?er,  Faster…and  Cheaper.  As  the  graphic  prin>ng   markets  con>nue  to  converge,  the  printer  development  will  con>nue  to  specialize.  Instead  of   one  “general  purpose”  One-­‐size-­‐fits-­‐all”  approach,  we  expect  to  see  greater  selec>on  of   specialty  applica>ons  for  equipment  and  inks.  Q:  How  can  financing  help  or  hurt  when  looking  to  purchase  capital  equipment?  •  No  financing  a  piece  of  capital  equipment  (paying  cash)  could  put  your  company  into  a  cash-­‐ strapped  situa>on.  Some>mes  we  don’t  expect  another  piece  of  equipment  to  break,  or  a  roof   leak.  Leasing  with  unrealis>c  monthly  payments  could  also  cash  strap  you.  Balance,  but  avoid   paying  too  long  a  term.  We  will  be  offering  another  webinar  exclusive  to  Financial  decisions  to   consider.  Q:  What  printer  can  white  flood  coat  for  sub  surface  prin>ng?  •  There  are  several  printers  on  the  market  with  white  prin>ng  capabili>es,  most  of  which  are   capable  of  prin>ng  white  as  a  spot  color,  under  coat  or  top  coat.  Prin>ng  sub  surface  is  done  by   prin>ng  CMYK  reversed  on  the  back  side  of  the  clear  material,  then  prin>ng  a  complete  layer  of   white.  The  posi>oning  of  the  print  heads  affects  how  a  machine  is  capable  of  over  /  under   coa>ng  white.  Some  of  the  VUTEk  printers  are  even  capable  of  doing  Spot,  Over  or  under  with   CMYK  all  in  one  pass.  Hard  to  explain  –  check  out  their  YouTube  video.   18  
  19. 19. 19  
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