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Why planes, trains and automobiles go with two way radios


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How two-way radios provide a rugged, reliable and secure communications solution in the transportation industry. How to have operational readiness.

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Why planes, trains and automobiles go with two way radios

  1. 1. Clear, reliable communications are critical to smooth transit operations
  2. 2. Transportation & Communications  No matter what mode  Clear and reliable communications  Critical for smooth operation  Challenges  Safety  Customer demands  Reduced costs  Productivity  Rugged, reliable and secure communications
  3. 3. Planes - Airports  Efficiency goals:  Profitable, avoid penalties  Satisfy passengers  Move people safely, capably and on time  Coordinate aircraft and avoid delay  Two-way radios provide:  Clear audio in noisy environment  Location tracking and text messaging  Rugged, secure and easy to use
  4. 4. Trains - Railways  Train crews, dispatchers and railroad employees  Keep in safe and secure communication  Train engineer often out of cell phone tower reach  Many carriers share the same railways  New digital two-way radios  More efficient and reliable  Standards and interoperable  For data, positive train control, signaling and other networked devices
  5. 5. Automobiles – Sports Racing  Two-way radios used deployed to:  Engineers, security guards, race control, medical personnel, firefighters, recover and rescue crew  i.e. Formula 1® Rolex Australian Grand Prix  Autonomous radio system set up for:  Audio clarity  Battery life  Security  Ruggedness  Push-to-talk
  6. 6. Operational Readiness  Two-way radios features:  Clarity  Durability  Interoperability  Security  Preventative maintenance plan is important for:  Airplanes, railcars, racecars  And two-way radios  Proactive maintenance ensures operational readiness  Helps keep assets running properly for years
  7. 7. Learn more Proactive preventative maintenance for two-way radios: Photos courtesy of Pixabay and Motorola