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Charolette webs who wants to be a millionaire


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A presentation for 2nd or 3rd graders reviewing Charlotte's Web using the Who Wants to Be a Millionaire game format. Questions use a multiple choice format.

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Charolette webs who wants to be a millionaire

  1. 1. By: Crystal Perham
  2. 2. Charlotte Web Style
  3. 3. 15 1 MillionCharlottes 14 500,000 13 250,000 Web 12 100,000 11 50,000 10 25,000 9 16,000 8 8,000 7 4,000 6 2,000 5 1,000 4 500 3 300 2 200 1 100
  4. 4. What was the pig’s name in Charlotte’s Web? .. . a. Uncle b. Pig c. Charlotte d. Wilbur
  5. 5. Who wanted to keep Wilburas a pet? a. Charlotte b. Mr. Zuckerman c. Templeton d. Fern
  6. 6. Who stayed overnight withWilbur at the Fairgrounds? a. Fern b. Avery c. Charlotte d. The goose
  7. 7. Who won the blue ribbon atthe fair? b. Fern a. Uncle c. Charlotte d. Wilbur
  8. 8. Why does Wilbur receive anaward at the fair?a. He is special b. He attracts so many people to the fai c. He is handsome d. He can make webs
  9. 9. What is the first saying thatCharlotte writes in her web? a. Terrific b. Some Pig c. Outstanding d. Awesome
  10. 10. What did Wilbur name one ofCharlotte’s babies? a. Nellie b. Mary c. Betty d. Bob
  11. 11. Who was the first personto save Wilbur’s life? a. Fern b. Charlotte c. Templeton d. Mr. Zuckerman
  12. 12. How many times didTempleton, the rat get wordsfor Charlotte? a. Three b. Two c. Five d. One
  13. 13. How many dollars did Wilburwin at the fair? a. $4.00 b. $55.00 c. $25.00 d. $100.00
  14. 14. Who wrote the book, Charlotte’s Web?a. Mrs. Singer b. E.B Whitec. Mrs. Victor d. C.C. Blue
  15. 15. Why does Henry Fussy become a factor in the story? a. He is Charlottes friend b. Fern is starting to grow up and like boys.c. He wins a prize at the fair d. He is Wilbur’s Brother
  16. 16. What was Templeton’s role in helping Charlotte make her webs?a. He did not have a role b. He helped Charlotte construct her Webs. c. He donated his rotten d. He brought newspaper Eggs for her webs. and magazine clippings
  17. 17. How many eggs did Charlotte lay? a. 514 b. 500c. 15 d. 504
  18. 18. How many baby spiders fromCharlotte stayed back on thefarm? a.three b. two c. one d. six
  19. 19. Your Right!
  20. 20. So rry bu tn o
  21. 21. Bibliography••