High V Natalia Issue1


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High V Natalia Issue1

  1. 1. D E CEMBER 14, 2009 IS S U E IA ONCE IN A LIFETIME OPPORTUNITYTHAT IS CHANGING NASHVILLE LIVESENTHUSIASM AND A POSITIVE ATTITUDE FUEL NATALIAYOSCOS AMAZING SUCCESSThe phone line crackles with enthusiasm and passion when you speak to Natalia Yosco about Rodan + Fields®Dermatologists. Thats because this Level V Executive Consultant from Franklin, Tennessee quickly saw the potential in theRodan + Fields Business System and ran with it from day one. Literally.
  2. 2. Natalia credits her husband, John, with introducing her to Rodan + Fields. A former member of the New York StockExchange who now operates his own hedge fund in the Nashville suburb of Franklin, John spends much of his day on thecomputer. Thats where he noticed information about Dr. Rodan’s and Dr. Fields newest business venture. He immediatelyrealized this was a "once in a lifetime opportunity" and he and Natalia took a look at what the doctors were doing. "Iremember to this day," says Natalia, "he looked at me and said, Jump in and run with it, give it 24 months and I know yourresidual income will be insane."“Jump in and run with it, give it 24 months and I know yourresidual income will be insane.”JOHN YOSCOATTRACTED TO THE IDEA OF CRAZY, RESIDUAL INCOMEA former professional ice skater and instructor, Natalia has always had an entrepreneurial mindset. Prior to becoming anIndependent Consultant, she spent the past 15 years at home with the couples three children and although she wanted towork again, she definitely did not want a typical job tied to an office outside her home. As a "skincare junkie," she had notrouble embracing Rodan + Fields product offering since she was well aware of the doctors success with Proactiv®Solution. The clincher? "Crazy, residual income was very attractive to me," she says.As the first Rodan + Fields Independent Consultant in the Nashville area, Natalia took her husbands words to heart andwasted no time launching her business. She saw the income potential and knew the power of the brand offered a chance tobuild a successful business without taking time away from her children. She quickly recruited two other direct sellingprofessionals and the three began to work as a team to share the Business System and products with other savvy,entrepreneurial people in the Nashville area. Today, Natalia has over 7,000 individuals in her organization around thecountry, with an estimated 300-400 in the Nashville area alone.DUPLICATION AND EARLY PROFITS BUILD RETENTION Natalia attributes her success, and the success of her organization, to the power of duplication: "Once we get new Consultants profitable their very first month, they stay with us." Natalia likens the group to a family, calling her team members very giving, wonderful people who are like-minded in their enthusiasm for the business. Natalia always leads her Business Presentations by mentioning the legacy the Doctors created with Proactiv Solution. She asks: "If you had partnered with Dr. Rodan and Dr. Fields then, where would you be today?" That is the tag line she and her team members use during their weekly leadership and new Consultant training sessions. “I got it. I knew I could be successful.” NATALIA YOSCO
  3. 3. A CULTURE OF NETWORKINGFor those who live and work in the Nashville, Tennessee area, the region is still steepedin southern charm - much as it was in the 18th century when people first settled here.Statistically, Nashville is ranked among the top 40 hottest U.S. markets and as one ofthe top 10 best places to live and work.Throw in a top 10 "most generous metropolitanarea," an average year round high of 70 degrees and the fact Tennessee has no personalincome tax, and you have a region that not only beckons, but downright seduces you intoputting down roots in this southern belle of a city.Just a few miles from Nashville, Franklin, home to Level V Executive Consultants NataliaYosco, Gabriel Sedlak and Tracie Bonds, may be outside the hubbub of NashvillesMusic City USA fame, but it is equally as alluring. In fact, Franklin is featured in authorPatricia Schultzs book, 1,000 Places To See in the USA and Canada Before You Die,and was chosen as one of Americas 2009 dozen Distinctive Destinations by TheNational Trust for Historic Preservation.But does this southern hospitality and charm really count when it comes to building ahighly successful Rodan + Fields business? Tracie Bonds believes it does. "In the south,people are accustomed to attending events," says Tracie. "Its very socially accepted-itsour upbringing here." According to Tracie, this tight network of people is probably one ofthe biggest reasons Rodan + Fields really took off in the region. "People are open-minded, theyre more receptive to things and theyre just really, really friendly."This natural attraction to getting together, to socializing and to learning about a newopportunity may play a role in growing Rodan + Fields in the Nashville area, but thatsonly one part of the story. Its the people behind this growth that have made Nashvilleand Franklin the number one Rodan + Fields market in the United States.AN UNBEATABLE COMBINATION:A CULTURE OF NETWORKING & STRONG LEADERSHIPAsk accomplished direct selling consultants the real reason theyre successful and they will almost always tell you it isteamwork. Thats because this business relies on a strong network of like-minded individuals who constantly help oneanother reach their goals - individually as well as on an organizational level. Natalia Yosco is a brilliant example of a leader
  4. 4. who "gets" the importance of helping her team members enjoysuccess as she makes the most of Nashvilles delightful cultureof networking.Gabriel Sedlak, also from Franklin, credits the Nashville areasamazing growth with Natalias untiring efforts in sharing theRodan + Fields story with potential Consultants every Mondayfrom morning until often after midnight. He also stresses thatthe two of them made a conscious effort to help everyone whojoined the company, regardless of the Consultants positionwithin their organization. Thats because he believes "peopledont want to know how much you know, they want to know howmuch you care." And when they feel there is heart behind themessage, they want to be involved.NASHVILLE: A BREEDING GROUND FOR SUCCESSFUL LEADERSWhether Consultants live in Nashville, or have come into the team from other states across the country, it can be said withgreat conviction that Nashville is a breeding ground for amazing leaders . . . a true testimony to our mission of "changingskin and changing lives."