High V Kris Fairless Issue2


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High V Kris Fairless Issue2

  1. 1. MARCH 25, 2010 ISSUE IIFOR TOP CONSULTANT KRIS FAIRLESS,RODAN + FIELDS IS AN AMAZING GIFT Level V Executive Consultant Kris Fairless from Ann Arbor, Michigan views her involvement in Rodan + Fields Dermatologists as a huge gift. And that attitude has fueled this energetic and gracious visionarys rise to the top of the Rodan + Fields Consultant sales force. Kris has always had a passion for skincare and an entrepreneurial spirit. After owning her own business for several years, she combined her interest in skincare with her business knowledge and trained to become an esthetician at the International Dermal Institute. Kris used this training to become a product educator, traveling around the country to high end retail stores. Not only did Kris help retail customers find the right products for their skin, she was always looking for something to improve the quality of her own complexion. "I had really bad skin," Kris says. "I had a lot of adult acne and sun damage ... but I was a really good makeup artist - I could cover it up." Kris tried all of the top skincare lines but nothing made a significant change in her skin - untilshe discovered Rodan + Fields. In 2005 she was asked to represent Dr. Katie Rodan and Dr. Kathy Fields and their newclinical skincare line that had just come to Michigan department stores.
  2. 2. "When I started working for them, I immediately saw the difference in my skin," says Kris. "It was amazing." Kris first usedthe REVERSE regimen to clear up her sun damage, but she quickly realized REVERSE was also clearing up her adult cysticacne, and she was immediately sold on the products. "I had never experienced results like that before," she adds.As Kris demonstrated Rodan + Fields regimens to people around the country, she witnessed the incredible results otherswere experiencing. Then, in 2007 Kris learned that Rodan + Fields was leaving the department stores. When thecompanys new direction was still a secret to the nation, Kris found out what the doctors were planning to do: take theirskincare line into the direct selling marketing arena. Kris knew the Doctors had already created a legacy brand withProActiv®. And as a businesswoman, she recognized from a previous short stint in direct selling that ground floor was theplace that created millionaires. "Its a good thing I didnt pass out on the floor, I was so excited about the potential thisopportunity presented," she says with a laugh.THE POWER OF A WOMAN’S VISIONKris immediately contacted her daughter, Sarah, who was working as an elementary teacher and part-time on weekends asa skincare educator, and told her: "Dont ask any questions, just join me." Kris knew that the credibility of the product andthe Doctors themselves plus the positioning of being two of the companys first Consultants would make them multi-millionaires. "I knew that I had been given an amazing, huge gift and I had to share it with everyone," says Kris.Kris didnt waste any time starting her business, although she says she had no clue what to do. At that time, the companyhad no compensation plan, no marketing materials and no training in place. But Kris had something far more powerful: shehad vision - she knew how big the company would become. When the company told her to assemble 30 people for atraining meeting, she laughed because she knew she could easily surpass this number. "When I love something, I will tellmy friends and they will their friends - thats how easy this is." In one week, Kris and her small team of close friends andfamily members had 100 people signed up with the company. And when Rodan + Fields executives came out a monthlater, the "Fearless Founders" team had 265 people in their first training - and the company was still just in pre-launch."That is the power of a woman," adds Kris.True to her strong belief system, today Kris has turned this"amazing gift" into a six figure plus income. Kris credits hersuccess to her love of the products and her passion forsharing them with everyone she meets-and the help she hasreceived from many others. "I couldnt be the top incomeearner of the company unless I had incredible people helpingme along the way," she emphasizes. And she is always tellingpeople about Rodan + Fields and training the Consultants inher organization; she and her team hold meetings in nearbyPlymouth, Michigan every Monday night.Kris is also quick to point out the support she has receivedfrom the entire Rodan + Fields team as well as from her own family. "Every member of my family has been incrediblysupportive, especially my husband, Mark, who hopes to join the business full-time when he is ready to retire."BELIEVING IN YOUR ABILITY TO FOSTER CHANGEFor those considering joining Rodan + Fields, Kris offers several success tips. First: "Know what you want and why, thendate it." Next, make a decision to be successful and be like a racehorse: "Put blinders on and head for the prize." She alsoadvises Consultants to follow the RF Business System and be coachable, identify those who want to go to the top, helpthem create their plan of action and work closely with them to help them reach their goals. In addition, she stresses theneed to lead by example, have fun and "never, never, never give up."
  3. 3. Quitting is certainly not in Kris future. She intends to remain with the company "forever," not just because of the financialfreedom the business gives her, but also because it enables her to fulfill a long-held desire. "As a young child, I wanted tobe a generous giver," she says. And today, she is able to help those in need in her community and beyond on a regularbasis thanks to her Rodan + Fields business.For Kris, becoming a Consultant for Rodan + Fields has indeed changed her skin and her life. Today, just as she did whenshe first joined the company, she remains true to her conviction that this is a business that can truly transform lives onmany levels."Proactiv® is a pop icon name of the century," she says. "And [the Doctors] are going to do it again, but this time for sundamage. Who wouldnt want to be on the wave of something so brand new, it is going to change skin and change the livesof millions of people around the world?"Kris and her Michigan Team at X-Factor 09, the inaugural Rodan + Fields Convention.