High V Brent And Leigh Barnes From Nashville, T N


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High V Brent And Leigh Barnes From Nashville, T N

  1. 1. JULY 2, 2010 I SSUE I VLeigh and Brent with daughters Breely, 12 and Britton, 6.
  2. 2. Long-time entrepreneurs Leigh and Brent Barnesof Nashville, Tennessee have had great successcreating and operating their own businesses formany years. At age 14 Leigh started a bridal veilcompany that turned into a large and profitablebridal veil and wedding store business, and mostrecently she was a business broker and real estateagent. Brent was a highly successful CPA with 600tax clients and 300 investment clients. But bothbusinesses took their toll on the couples healthand lifestyle."Prior to [Rodan + Fields® Dermatologists], threeout of the prior five tax seasons I had ended up inthe hospital in May due to exhaustion," saysBrent. "Its a lot to juggle; I had to fire a whole lotof tax preparers and CPAs over the years to try to find somebody to do tax returns. Itended up only being two of us all those years."Leigh also faced challenges in her real estate business, especially in the recent economicdownturn that made it difficult for her to put deals together. And then there were thehours. "We always worked 24/7," says Leigh as she talks about their previous businesses- work they enjoyed but which definitely added to their stress.When a client of Brents told Leigh about Rodan + Fields and mentioned the company wasfounded by the dermatologists who created Proactiv®, Brent had two words for his wife:"Youre in." Thats because Brent had experience as a stock analyst finding newcompanies to recommend to investors. And he knew the power of the Proactiv brand andthe potential the Doctors new company offered."Brent saw the vision but I did not," says Leigh. "I just thought, Ive got more thanenough to deal with." But they jumped on board and in six months Leigh was devoting allof her time to their Rodan + Fields business. Soon after, they realized they had struckgold. "Brent looked at me and said, This is amazing - do you realize what weve got ourhands on?" adds Leigh. The Allure is Two-FoldThe potential for lucrative income wasnt the only reason Leigh became excitedabout her Rodan + Fields business - she had a personal interest in joining thecompany: She needed help clearing her cystic acne that had developed due to
  3. 3. chemotherapy treatments to combat cancer four years ago. She creditsUNBLEMISH and ANTI-AGE Multi-Function Eye Cream for giving her healthier,clear, more radiant and younger-looking skin. "I tried seven eye creams goingthrough cancer and could not find one that would work," she says. "It took threeweeks to see dramatic differences with Rodan + Fields." The Power of TeamworkLeigh and Brent work as a team building their Rodan + Fields business(teamwork is also key to the success of their entire team). Brent handles theadministrative tasks and one-on-one training, and it is Leigh who is the outgoingone gathering referrals - an approach that has been very successful for this soft-spoken Level V Consultant. Heres how she does it: "Im big on being crystalclear about what I want from someone," she says. "Im not looking to recruit theworld; Im only looking for a few key people to build my business."From her past experience as a business owner, Leigh knows that the people yousurround yourself with will determine the quality of the company you ultimatelycreate. When she contacts people for referrals, she first explains that she wantsjust a few minutes of their time. Then she adds: "Im working with the creatorsof Proactiv and I immediately thought of you; I want to show you what Imlooking for." She finds that people are more receptive to this nonthreateningapproach and are likely to ask to join once they see their referrals gettinginvolved. "They dont want to miss the vision," says Leigh with a laugh.Today Leigh and Brent both work their Rodan + Fields business full-time andpoint out that three of the four Consultants who have reached Level V the fastestare on their team. They love the flexibility the business offers them, especiallywhen it comes to spending time with their two children. In fact, Leigh says sheand Brent often feel like pinching each other to make sure their current lifestyleis for real. "Every business has owned us, and now we actually get to own a
  4. 4. business we enjoy," says Leigh. "Im on cloud nine!"Leigh and Brent on the Level V Arrival Trip in Sonoma, CA. June, 2010.Copyright ©2010 Rodan & Fields, LLC. All rights reserved. www.rodanandfields.com